A New Zealand-based global leader in high-quality construction materials sought out Adhesives Technology Corporation to help develop a comprehensive earthquake repair system. As New Zealand experiences frequent earthquakes and seismic activity, the client’s customers were often presented with a variety of problems at once: cracks in structural concrete, cracks in wood, cracks of various sizes, etc. – each of which benefits most from different formulations of repair material. Our customer’s sales team needed to know which products were best-suited to which specific repairs.

ATC undertook an ambitious two-phase deployment and training project. Phase I, which required completion within a three-month timeframe, involved product selection and extensive on-site technical and hands-on field training with our client and their customers in three New Zealand locations (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch). At the end of Phase I, our client was the most knowledgeable provider of construction materials equipped for earthquake repair in New Zealand and increased their business significantly.

Phase II involved the introduction of additional materials, suitable for a variety of general and specialized anchoring and dowelling applications. Again, our Vice President of Technology traveled to the customer’s three central New Zealand locations to conduct training. As a result of the tremendous success of this Private Label program, our client is now collaborating with ATC to expand the program into other countries, such as Australia, China and India.

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