epoxy being used by the railroad industry

High Strength Epoxy Repairs Fasteners That Anchor Rails in Place

The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) commissioned Parsons Brinkerhoff, a leading international engineering firm, to perform extensive tests to determine and recommend the strongest and longest lasting adhesives to use in the repair of hundreds of thousands of fasteners on their light rail system. After 2½ years of cooperative testing by Parsons Brinkerhoff, it was determined that ATC’s Ultrabond 1 Epoxy significantly outperformed the other six big-name adhesives tested. When we were first contacted by Parsons Brinkerhoff, we began by identifying the best possible adhesive for MARTA’s needs. Ultrabond 1 and Ultrabond 3 Epoxy Anchoring Gels are both solvent-free, odor-free, non-sag, high strength, moisture insensitive two-component epoxy systems. Ultrabond 1 offers the further advantage of 20-minute working time. In addition to our work for MARTA, ours has been the epoxy of choice on the following projects: