SlabArmor Starter

colloidal silica concrete curing/finishing aid and hardener

SlabArmor™ Starter is a colloidal silica concrete curing/finishing aid and hardener used in the placement and finishing of new concrete. Its hydrophilic property holds bleed water in the capillaries of the concrete slab during the curing process, reducing shrinkage and micro-cracks, creating a more workable and a dense surface. Learn more with ATC

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  • Non-film forming curing aid
  • Finishing aid
  • Extends working time
  • Eliminates dusting
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Deepens clarity and heightens reflectivity when used in polishing
  • Reduces alkalinity/efflorescence
  • Extends service life of the floor
  • User friendly, non-whitening
  • Environmentally friendly, water-based formula—VOC compliant


Active Ingredients100% of total solids
Specific Gravity1.077
Weight/Gallon8.59 lbs
VOC Content<50g/L
Flash PointN/A
Freeze Point32 ºF (0 ºC)
Shelf Life2 years in unopened, sealed container
SizePart No.Full Pallet Qty
5 Gallon PailCCT-110-535
55 Gallon DrumCCT-110-554
275 Gallon ToteCCT-110-2751

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