Using Crackbond LR321, Crackbond SLV302 or Crackbond LR321G

Pompano Beach, Florida –May 14, 2013- Adhesives Technology Corp (ATC) is now offering a unique Epoxy Crack Injection System which includes one of our Crackbond injection resins depending on required viscosity (Crackbond LR321, Crackbond SLV302 or Crackbond LR321G), a Capping Paste (Miracle Bond) and a specialized Port System.


Many challenges have been associated with traditional injection systems.  Some of those challenges are as follows:


  1. The installer has no visual gauge to monitor injected epoxy flow per port into crack
  2. Once a crack is fully injected it is not possible to determine if additional injection material is needed due to further seepage of product into the injected crack
  3. There is no procedure that allows the user to visually determine if resin is flowing through a segment of injected crack
  4. Rigid ports are often disturbed during the injection process and may need to be reattached


ATC’s unique new system eliminates all of the above challenges and offers an easier, more efficient approach to crack injection.  The features and benefits of the system include:


  1. Automated Injection- Latex storage pod continuously delivers constant injection pressure
  2. Air-Free Injection- Leak control valve keeps epoxy resin in while allowing air and water to escape.
  3. Optimal Injection- Storage pod holds 1.4 oz. of resin taking much of the guesswork and pre-installation calculations out of the equation.
  4. Easy Injection- Flexible port design and large mounting base helps absorb disturbances created during the injection process reducing the need to reinstall ports.
  5. Verifiable Injection- Unique checking window allows installer to view and confirm the flow of resin within the injected crack.