Low Viscosity Polyurethane For Fast Repair of Cracks and Spalls in Concrete

2-component polyurethane hybrid formulations. Extreme low viscosity and rapid cure for quick repairs of cracks and spalls in concrete. Find a selection of concrete repair and restoration adhesives for buildings and transportation infrastructure. Learn more with Adhesives Technology Corporation today! You can always Contact Us any questions!

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  • Open to traffic in 60 minutes
  • Available in numerous cartridge sizes and in bulk
  • Ultra low viscosity penetrates cracks and wets substrate and aggregate
  • Can be used with concrete powder pigments for color matching
  • Low odor, 1:1 mix ratio hybrid polyurethane
  • Temperature range of application 0 °F to 110 °F (0 °C to 43 °C)
  • > 4,000 psi compressive strength in 1 hour (neat)
  • Viscosity less than 100 cP
  • 18 month shelf life
SizePart No.Qty
8.6 fl. oz. crtgA9-CSRHN12
21.2 fl. oz. crtgA22-CSRN12
2 gal kitB2G-CSR1

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Part No.Description
TM9HD9 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (8.6 oz. Cartridge)
TM22HD22 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz. Cartridge)
TB22HD-A22 oz Battery Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz cartridge)
TA22HD-A22 oz Pneumatic Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz Cartridge)
T12CSREZNozzle & Flow Control for 8.6 and 21.2 oz. Cartridge
T12CSREZ-3PK3 pack T12CSREZ; 12 each 3-packs per case (36 nozzles)

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