Non-Sag, Easy To Dispense, Multi-Purpose Repair Epoxy

MIRACLE BOND ® REPAIR EPOXY is a multi-purpose, rapid cure, bonding, and repair adhesive. Its specially formulated, non-sag property is ideal for bonding most materials and perfect for both overhead and vertical repairs, while still being easily dispensed from most dispensing guns. It has an application temperature range between 40 °F (4 °C) and 110 °F (43 °C). Learn more about epoxy caulk with Adhesives Technology Corporation. If you have any questions, you can always Contact Us.

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  • Ideal bonding agent for most materials including concrete, brick, wood, stone, block and other substrates
  • May be used as an adhesive or filler
  • Capping paste and injection port adhesive for crack injection process
  • Non-sag patching material for cracks and small spalls
  • Ideal for overhead and vertical repairs
  • Adhering replacement tile to surface of pool underwater by applying adhesive to dry tile and holding in place until initial tack
  • Rapid initial hard cure at 3 hours at 75 °F (24 °C)
  • Easily dispenses from most caulking guns
  • Moisture insensitive system and may be used on damp surfaces
  • 24-month shelf life


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