CRACKBOND® JF-90 HD is a two component, moisture insensitive heavy duty epoxy joint filler and crack filling material. Its semi-rigid design allows for use in industrial floors exposed to hard-wheeled forklift traffic. It shaves easily and may be used in temperatures between 60 °F and 120 °F (16 °C and 49 °C). Come learn more with Adhesives Technology Corporation and if you have any more questions, please make sure to Contact Us today!

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  • Semi-rigid formula allows for moderate joint movement
  • Heavy-duty formulation with Shore A Hardness of 90
  • Protects joint edges from spalling due to wheeled traffic
  • Keeps joints free of debris and provides a continuous surface for weight loading
  • Shaves easily
  • Paintable
  • Cures on damp surfaces
  • Easy to mix – 1:1 ratio
  • Self-priming
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Does not embrittle with age
  • ASTM D2240 2 day Shore A Hardness – 90
SizePart No.Qty
2 gal kitB2G-JF901
10 gal kit*B5G-JF90-A1

*Must order 1 each of component A and B

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Part No.Description
T12Recommended Mixing Nozzle
TM22HD22 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool for 21.2 oz. Cartridge
TA22HD-A22 oz Pneumatic Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz cartridge)

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