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Need to clean up after you finish up?

CRACKBOND® INDUSTRIAL CITRUS CLEANER is an ideal solvent, stripper or degreaser for most of our products. Great for removing uncured epoxies from tools and equipment, too!



Fast Curing Cold Weather Doweling Adhesive

Fast curing, styrene free, acrylic system. Numerous DOT approvals. Available in 10 oz. and 28 oz. cartridges.

Browse our selection of anchoring and doweling adhesives for vertical construction and transportation infrastructure. Learn more about cold weather epoxy and more with Adhesives Technology Corporation.

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  • Ultra-fast 30 minute full cure time at 77 °F (25°C) in dry concrete
  • Fast mortar repair for panels an other concrete surfaces</li%5E
  • High bond strength with fast cure times
  • Easily dispensable even at low temperatures
  • Styrene free
  • Non-sag
  • Available in 10 oz. and 28 oz. cartridges
  • Can be installed down to 15 °F (-9 °C)
  • Moisture insensitive
  • ASTM C881-15 Type II, Grade 3, Class A & B with exceptions
  • Non-sag consistency
  • 18 month shelf life
Size Part No. Qty
10 fl. oz. crtg A10-ASF1000 12
10 fl. oz. crtg A10-ASF1000CD 24
28 fl. oz. crtg A28-ASF1000 8

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Part No. Description
TM9HD 9 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (10 oz. Cartridge)
TM28HD 28 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (28 oz. Cartridge)
TB28HD-A 28 oz Battery Dispensing Tool (28 oz Cartridge)
TA28HD-A 28 oz. Pneumatic Dispensing Tool (28 oz. Cartridge)
T14 Nozzle for 10 & 28 oz Cartridges
T14-3PK Nozzle for 10 & 28 oz Cartridges
BR-EXT Brush Extension For All Sizes
BR-SDS SDS Brush Adaptor For All Sizes
TUBE916-EXT Nozzle Extension Tubing For All Sizes
B716 Wire Brush (7/16″ Dia Drill Bit)
B916 Wire Brush (9/16″ Dia Drill Bit)
B34 Wire Brush (3/4″ Dia Drill Bit)
B78 Wire Brush (7/8″ Dia Drill Bit)
B100 Wire Brush (1″ Dia Drill Bit)
B118 Wire Brush (1 1/8″ Dia Drill Bit)

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I always get great customer service from them. Shavie Fagan is always very helpful.
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez
Great product! Miracle Bond can pretty much fix anything around the house, from a small concrete crack on my wall to repairing the rotten wood panels around my door with a coat a paint everything looked brand new!
Rodrigo Tasca
Rodrigo Tasca


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