SlabArmor Seal&Shine Finish

high-performance, high-gloss concrete finisher & sealer

Seal&Shine Finish is the final step in the SlabArmor™ system, intended to be applied after the placement and finishing process. This high-performance, high-gloss finish, seals, protects and extends the life of your SlabArmor™ floor, eliminating the need for waxes, polishes or acrylics. Once cured, the extremely hard microfilm improves your floors’ resistance to stains and abrasion while increasing the reflectivity of overhead lighting potentially reducing energy costs from lighting. Seal&Shine Finish is low VOC, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Learn more with ATC

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  • Stain and wear resistant
  • High sheen
  • Increased reflectivity of overhead lighting
  • Does not chip, flake or peel
  • Easy to repair, no stripping required
  • Outperforms floor waxes, polishes and acrylics
  • Easy application
  • Breathable, hard microfilm
  • Reduces maintenance and cleaning costs
  • VOC compliant


ColorWhite, dries clear
OdorSlight ammonia-like odor
Total Solids10.5%
Specific Gravity1.02
VOC Content<50g/L
Flash PointN/A
Freeze Point32 ºF (0º C)
Shelf Life1 year in unopened, sealed container
SizePart No.Full Pallet Qty
5 Gallon PailCCT-0821-535
55 Gallon DrumCCT-0821-554
275 Gallon ToteCCT-0821-2751

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