2100 MV & 2100 MV-LPL

Medium Viscosity Bonding Agent Standard and Long Pot Life (LPL) Formulas

CRACKBOND® 2100 MV (Medium Viscosity, a product formerly known as ULTRABOND® 2100) and 2100 MV-LPL (Medium Viscosity – Long Pot Life) products are two-component, high-strength epoxy adhesives that are ideal for bonding fresh to hardened concrete or perfect for use in a variety of repair projects. If you have anymore questions about Adhesives Technology Corporation, please make sure to Contact Us.

CRACKBOND® 2100 MV – Evaluated by National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)

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  • Bonding agent for concrete repairs
  • Coating and sealing interior or exterior slabs
  • Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • High modulus, self-leveling, medium viscosity
  • Acceptable for use in USDA inspected facilities

2100 MV

  • UL Certified – Drinking Water System Components to NSF/ANSI 61 & Lead Free to NSF/ANSI 372 in both gray and red colors
  • Available packaging in cartridges and bulk; red basecoat available in 4 gallon kits only
  • Extensive DOT approvals
  • Evaluated by National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)

2100 MV-LPL

  • Extended working time with new higher strength formula
  • Two component, 100% solids, 1:1 mix ratio epoxy
  • Pot Life @ 75 F: 37 minutes -2100 MV, 52 minutes 2100 MV-LPL
  • Self-leveling, medium viscosity 5,600 – 3,980 cP
  • Mortar repair material (when mixed with dry silica sand)
SizePart No.Qty
2100 MV
20 fl. oz. CrtgA20-2100MV12
102 fl. oz. kitBUG-2100MV1
2 gal kitB2G-2100MV1
4 gal kit*B2G-2100MV-A1
*Must order 1 each of component A and B
2100 MV-LPL
102 fl. oz. KitBUG-2100LPL1

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Part No.Description
TM22HDManual Dispensing Tool for 20 oz. Cartridge
T1210″ Nozzle For 20 & 53 oz Cartridges
T12-3PK3 pack T12; 12 each 3-packs per case (36 nozzles)

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