A leading industrial adhesive manufacturer, Adhesives Technology Corporation (ATC) is considered one of the top companies to manufacturer adhesives. Forty-five years of industry experience, ATC has become one of the best adhesive suppliers and manufacturers in the nation. Making adhesives like epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, ester blends and polyureas, and  as a leading manufacturer in the wholesale epoxy resin adhesive industry, we have refined the adhesive solutions in order to accommodate our customers.

Epoxy resin wholesaler

• Epoxies
• Urethanes
• Polyureas
• Ester Blends
• Polyethers
• Acrylics

Besides anchoring, bonding, concrete repair, doweling and joint filling, we have a maintenance and restoration clientele across many industries including but not limited to heavy duty construction and industrial projects.

We perfected our formula as an epoxy resin adhesive manufacturer in order to help companies make quick repairs for a variety of contracts they may have in the construction industry.

For over four decades as an industrial adhesive manufacturer, we have quality assured and proven experience to provide companies with the best, safest products we have to offer; brands like Ultrabond®, MiracleBond®, CrackBond®, The Cracker® and Hard-Rok.
structural-damage Adhesives Technology Corp

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Manufacturer

ATC is a critical part of the construction of the world’s infrastructure such as building and bridges. In addition, even supporting the mining and railroad industry, the roofing industries, airport , retail industries and earthquake relief and recovery.

As your epoxy resin supplier, you have the option to choose from some of our powerful, bonding adhesives formulated to help you repair jobs such as structural concrete, masonry and wood related.  Crackbond LR321, for example, is formulated for use as an injection resin for cracks in structural concrete, masonry and wood. We are the ultimate resin manufacturer and distributor for epoxy adhesives, epoxy glue, epoxy spray adhesives, epoxy coatings, epoxy resin filler, epoxy mold resins, adhesive epoxy resins, clear epoxy resins, epoxy floor coatings, epoxy glues, and much more. We have been very successful with providing training and specialized solutions that meet our customers’ requests.

When your purchase the paint offered by us, you will get a 20-year guarantee on it, “although lifetime guarantees are always the best choice, but for some individuals, the toxicity of the pain is often the main factor  determining which type of epoxy to purchase.” Call us and allow us to help your individual or business needs with our world class products that will deliver much, much more, with some of the best customer service, also, in the industry.

CONTACT us for estimates at Phone: 1-800-892-1880 or by Fax: 1-800 362-3320 / Email: atcinfo(at)atcepoxy.com.  We are located at ATC, 450 East Copans Rd, Pompano Beach Fl, Florida 33064 We welcome all!
With our varied epoxy resin adhesives, we accommodate large and small orders with services in domestic and foreign markets. Our customer services will not go unnoticed.

Some of the cheap and high quality products in hundreds of categories wholesale direct from ATC.   As a resin manufacturer, we have the epoxy resin adhesives manufacturing down to a perfected art.