Updated: March 4, 2024

NEW!!! ULTRABOND 365CC- Code Compliant Anchoring Adhesive

Ultrabond 365CC

ULTRABOND 365CC hybrid anchoring adhesive is an ACI 355.4 and ICC AC308 code compliant (ESR-3770) structural anchoring system suitable for use in cracked concrete and has the highest elevated temperature creep performance of any anchoring adhesive available in the market today. It is also approved for the widest range of installation temperatures (5° to 104°F) and cures fully in 45 minutes @ 77°F (25°C). 365CC is approved for use in overhead, horizontal and vertical down applications and is available in 13oz. and 20 oz. cartridges. Meets ASTM C881-14 Type I, II, IV and V. Grade 3 Class A, B & C. Additional approvals – 2012, 2009 and 2006 IBC/IRC, and 2014 and 2010 FBC.

What Does an Anchoring Adhesive do for Cracked Concrete?

Cracked concrete can be a serious issue, as it can compromise the structural integrity of a building or infrastructure. An anchoring adhesive like ULTRABOND 365CC is specifically designed to address this problem by providing a strong bond between the anchor and the cracked concrete substrate.

When an anchoring adhesive is applied to a cracked concrete surface, it fills in the gaps and crevices created by the cracks, creating a secure and stable connection between the anchor and the substrate. This helps prevent further cracking and shifting of the concrete, ensuring that the structure remains safe and stable.

ULTRABOND 365CC is particularly effective in cracked concrete due to its high elevated temperature creep performance. This means that even under high temperatures, the adhesive maintains its bond strength, providing long-lasting support for anchors in cracked concrete applications. Additionally, ULTRABOND 365CC cures quickly, fully setting in just 45 minutes at 77°F, allowing for efficient installation and fastening.

What kind of People and Industries would use this Anchoring Adhesive?

People and industries that would benefit from using ULTRABOND 365CC anchoring adhesive include construction professionals, contractors, engineers, architects, and maintenance personnel. This high-performance anchoring adhesive is idea

ULTRABOND 365CC is a versatile anchoring adhesive that can be used in a variety of industries, including construction, infrastructure, and maintenance. Its ability to bond strongly to cracked concrete makes it an ideal choice for professionals looking to secure anchors in challenging conditions.

With its compliance with ACI 355.4 and ICC AC308 codes, as well as approval for use in overhead, horizontal , and vertical down applications, ULTRABOND 365CC is suitable for a wide range of projects. Whether it’s securing rebar in concrete structures, anchoring equipment to floors or walls, or installing handrails and guardrails, this anchoring adhesive provides a reliable and durable solution.

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