Concrete Demolition Simplified

Pompano Beach, Florida –March 21, 2013- The Cracker, by Adhesives Technology Corp (ATC) is a Non-Explosive Cracking Agent for Universal Application. It enables standard demolition to be carried out with comparative accuracy, without the need for special equipment or preconditions. Compared to conventional methods of demolition, The Cracker crack agent is virtually noiseless and free from vibration. It is moreover, ECOLOGICALLY FRIENDLY.

The Cracker is supplied in powder form and sealed in vacuum-packed heavy duty plastic bags.  The Cracker is mixed with a specific amount of water and poured into specifically spaced pre-drilled vertical holes.  After a few hours reaction time, The Cracker develops an extremely high expansion pressure that breaks reinforced concrete or hard stone. The Cracker is easy to use indoors as well as outdoors and in dry or humid environments. It can be used in situations that are inaccessible for typical demolition, where blasting is not permitted or where heavy equipment, noise or vibration is unacceptable.