A Test of Strength: Get the Best Epoxy Manufacturer for Your Project

the building of ATC Epoxy US ManufacturerThe strength of some products can be readily tested. Everyone takes a new car for a test drive before signing the paperwork. Hear a rattle in the engine or feel every pebble in the road? There’s a quick way to right off a potential vehicle. If you’re putting up a new fence in your backyard, it takes just seconds to feel the quality of wood at a lumber yard or stare across a plank to ensure that it’s level.

But what about when you need to be sure—absolutely sure—that an adhesive product can bond two elements together, endure various pressure points, and last for years? There’s no quick test for that. And no quick solution when you choose the wrong product. Projects that require especially strong bonds require well-made epoxy, a specific cured adhesive product that combines at least two epoxy resins.

Signs of a Quality Epoxy Resin Manufacturer

Do you know where your epoxy product was formulated? At Adhesives Technology Corporation, we develop and produce our products locally at our Pompano Beach, Florida, facility. Our location offers the quality expected of a U.S.-produced product and gives you access to the people, methods, and materials used to formulate the epoxy product you need.

What makes Quality Epoxy?

Quality epoxy is made up of two main components: epoxy resin and a hardener. The ratio of these two components must be precise in order for the epoxy to cure properly and create a strong bond.

In addition to the correct formulation, quality epoxy also has good adhesion properties, meaning it can bond well to a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, plastic , and concrete. It should also have a high tensile strength, meaning it can withstand heavy loads and forces without breaking or coming loose.

Finding out you chose the wrong manufacturer when an epoxy bond begins to fail is the most expensive and potentially dangerous way to realize your mistake. With some fifty years of experience, you can be confident in our ability to deliver consistently the highest quality product in the marketplace. In addition to quality, we offer a range of epoxy products for various needs: from our ultra-strong Miracle Bond 1350 to Miracle Bond 1450, which has a slower curing process to allow for corrections.

Who Needs Specialty Epoxy Products?

Epoxy products are used in a wide range of industries, and we possess expertise in developing custom adhesives to meet a variety of needs. Our customers rely on our products for concrete repair at industrial facilities, parking structures, pipelines, even locks, and dams. The extraordinary holding power of our epoxy formula, honed over decades of expert research and development, means that our products will allow you to get the job done right the first time.

What makes a Strong Epoxy Manufacturer?


We are the best epoxy manufacturers in USA industries that include wind and nuclear energy, the automotive industry, even gaming. Our expertise extends further to concrete demolition, and we offer solutions to safely and quietly break apart concrete when traditional methods are impractical or impossible. Many of our products are also favorites for do-it-yourself home repair gurus. The reliability and easy use of Adhesives Technology epoxy products mean a small investment in a quality epoxy can save the big costs of professional repairs.

Whatever your next construction may be, let Adhesives Technology Corporation provide you and your team with the industry’s most reliable epoxy products.