Choose the Best Adhesive Manufacturer, Choose Adhesives Technology

What do airport runway repair and hobby model-making have in common? Like millions of other commercial, industrial, and home construction projects, they rely on adhesives. Adhesives are an integral part of virtually every major construction process, providing a cost-effective, strong, and aesthetically pleasing way to join just about anything.

At Adhesives Technology Corporation, we have been joining, bonding, and anchoring a near-infinite list of materials for half a century. The next time you’re wondering where to find the best adhesive manufacturer online, make sure you choose a company that has the experience, knowledge, and customization needed to get exactly what you want.

How to Last as an Adhesive Manufacturer, or Anything Else

Are you a business owner? Are you wondering what steps to take in order to make your business last for generations? For the past fifty years, our adhesives have proven our ability to develop consistently top quality, affordable adhesives for any situation. Few business face such an immediate and literal test of their quality: Either the adhesive bond holds, or it doesn’t. Anyone working in construction, from industrial developers to home handymen, understand the trepidation that normally follows use of an adhesive—that cautious, gentle tug on two recently bonded materials to find out if they’ll stay together. Our dedicated team of research and development experts specialize in making that moment the best part of your day. What’s more, our experience offers you confidence that after that initial check, you can be sure that same bond will hold for years to come.

Build Your Brand with Our Expertise

If adhesives are central to your business, then you probably already know our name. The same reputation that years of quality and experience have brought to our company is available to you through private labeling. Based in Pompano Beach, Florida, we are one of the nation’s most trusted private label partners. Private label partnerships extend well beyond our time-tested formulas.

We work with roofing, retail, mining, railroad, and other companies to provide hands-on product training, packaging, labeling, and shipping. Your customers get the best products from our research laboratories, while seeing your brand name on the container, be it a 1-ounce tube or 150-gallon drum. Our exceptional customer service at every step of the process makes partnerships smooth and efficient, maximizing the return on your investment.

Whether you’re looking for an adhesives supplier for your business or an adhesives manufacturer to custom-make a product for your private label, Adhesives Technology Corporation stands above the competition, from research and development through personalized training and exceptional customer service. We even offer products for unique situations such as earthquake repair and concrete demolition. Every bond our products form is a referendum on the quality of our process. Over the years, we have proven again and again that, like our business, our adhesives are formulated to stand the test of time.