Protective Barrier for Rock Crushers

Pompano Beach, Florida –July 31, 2013- Adhesives Technology Corp (ATC) proudly announces one of our latest R&D formulations called Rok-Tite Backer Epoxy.  This is a high strength; 2-component epoxy used for maximum wear plate protection of gyratory and cone rock crushers.   This product is offered in two formula variations. It is conveniently supplied in a user-friendly, tear-tab packaging kit for an efficient, easy mix process.  ATC’s Rok-Tite Backer Epoxy is safely formulated without Nonylphenol or BGE.

If you are looking for a long lasting Backer material for use as a protective barrier in rock crushers and grinding mills, ATC is here to supply you.  There are many advantages and features of our Rok-Tite Backer Epoxy that you will find exceed our competition.   This product is very safe to handle, as it is formulated without Nonylphenol or Butyl Glycidyl Ether.  It has a superior compressive strength of 16,725 in just 24 hours and it’s impact resistant.  Some other noteworthy benefits are that it’s low odor, non-flammable and solvent free with 0g/L of VOC content.  Wear plates are totally protected due to this products superior flowability for complete “zero-gap” coverage.

Rok-Tite Backer Epoxy is available in a sustainable, user-friendly packaging system comprised of Easy-Open Tear Tab Pails, an Easy-Mix System and a No Mess/No Clean-up containers.  The Easy-Open Tear-Tab Pails are made of plastic instead of metal.  No tools are required, which saves time and money while reducing labor costs.  The Easy-Mix system is simple and efficient.  Just add the Hardener to the Resin, Mix and Pour!  The No-Mess/No Clean-up plastic containers are resealable, stackable and recyclable when free of residue unlike competitive “hat and cradle” design packaging.