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Concrete cracks may be common, but they shouldn’t be left alone for long. The product of shrinkage and thermal movement, concrete cracks can eventually lead to issues of unsightliness or even structural integrity. The cracks will grow wider and longer when left alone, allowing water and moisture to seep in. Even if the worst doesn’t occur, the presence of cracks in concrete can ruin a property’s value. 

Contractors, construction companies, and homeowners all know that the best way to fix any problem is with the right tools. When it comes to concrete crack repair, the best tool is a high-quality concrete crack filler epoxy or another injectable sealant. 

What is Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy?

A concrete crack repair epoxy helps fill cracks before they become too large or unmanageable. In addition, a high-quality epoxy shouldn’t be affected by the presence of moisture or extreme temperatures. Ideally, the epoxy should fill the crack and, once dried, stay situated within the crack for a lengthy period. That means the epoxy needs to be strong, flexible, and able to move with the concrete during subtle shifts or periods of settling. 

What Crack Repair Products Does ATC Sell?

ATC sells three crack repair products, each of which will help repel water, repair the concrete or both: 

  • Crackbond LR-321 formula 
  • Crackbond Polybloc and Polyflex Quikfix 
  • Complete Crack Repair Kit 

Each product deserves a spot on any homeowner’s or contractor’s shelf, as they can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and in less-than-ideal environments. 

What are the Advantages of ATC’s Concrete Crack Sealer?

Crackbond LR-321 Formula

The LR-321 Formula comes in three varieties, each with different viscosities. This allows you to choose the suitable concrete crack repair epoxy for your needs. 

The LR-321 SLV product is best suited for situations where super-low viscosity epoxy (around 280 cP) is needed. On the other hand, the LR-321 LV should be used when low viscosity epoxy (around 500 cP) is required, and LR-321 can handle medium viscosity (around 500 cP) applications. 

Crackbond Polybloc and Polyflex Quikfix

The Crackbond Polybloc and Polyflex (available as part of the Quikfix product line) aren’t designed to repair concrete. Still, they are often needed to begin repairs in environments where water is present or actively flowing. When applied, both products will help stop the flow of water. First, they can be injected into cracks. Then the epoxy seeks out water within the pores of the concrete. 

Complete Crack Repair Kit

Our all-in-one complete crack repair kit contains everything you need to repair 8 to 10 feet of concrete cracks. With each purchase, you’ll receive: 

  • Crackbond LR-321 crack repair epoxy 
  • Miracle Bond repair epoxy 
  • 12 T-Port ejection ports 
  • 4 mixing cups 
  • 3 T58CBS Nozzles 
  • 3 Flow restrictors 
  • 2 tongue depressors 
  • A plastic putty knife 
  • A pair of latex gloves 

These items come in convenient packaging and easy-to-follow instructions, making the repair kit perfect for contractors, construction sites, and homeowners. 

What are the Applications for ATC’s Concrete Crack Filler Epoxy?

Concrete crack filler epoxies are best used in situations where cracks are starting to appear in concrete floors, walls, ceilings, and foundations. Depending on the size of the crack, epoxies of different viscosities should be used. For instance, small cracks may require an epoxy of low viscosity to ensure that the product can flow inside a tiny gap. Larger or wider cracks, though, may need an epoxy that is more paste-like and viscous. 

Where Can You Turn for High-Quality Concrete Crack Repair Epoxies?

Adhesives Technology Corporation is an industry leader in manufacturing epoxies and other sealants, adhesives, and crack repair products. Our products are high quality, durable, and built with practicality in mind, so they work when you need them to. 

You can find our products nearby through our website, or if you have questions about any of our products, make sure to reach out to us today.

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