When it comes to anchoring cement, you need an epoxy that’s tough, durable, and effective. Additionally, your epoxy needs to handle a wide range of applications and remain strong even in difficult environments.

At Adhesive Technology Corporation, we’ve developed a vast line of epoxies and adhesives to help support the strongest concrete anchors and concrete dowels. Our products are safe, effective, and cure quickly. That means they can be used in many applications while remaining strong.

So, if your project requires anchoring cement, check out our product line below.  

Our Lineup of Concrete Epoxies

We carry a diverse lineup of concrete epoxies for your anchoring and doweling needs:
  • ULTRABOND 1, our original ULTRABOND product, for those needing DOT approval in multiple states and improved durability  
  • ULTRABOND2 for warm weather anchoring and epoxy  
  • ULTRABOND ACRYL-8CC for those requiring a styrene-free epoxy that cures quickly 
  • ULTRABOND EPX-3CC for those needing high-performance anchoring and doweling epoxy at a budget-friendly price
  • Pentra-Sil: Our Pentra-Sil product line helps harden, stabilize, and clean concrete surfaces. 
  • ULTRABOND HS-1CC for cracked and uncracked concrete
  • ULTRABOND HS-200 for anchoring bolts, rebar dowels, and threaded rods into concrete
  • ULTRABOND HYB-2CC for strong, quick curing anchoring in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • ULTRABOND HARD-ROK is anchoring cement that sets quickly and holds strong in anchoring and grouting applications

What Sets Our Concrete Anchor Epoxy Apart

Each entry in our concrete anchor epoxy lineup is designed to stay strong and remain durable even in tough environments. For those in especially warm or damp environments, we also carry epoxies that can handle environments that are tougher than tough. 

Our epoxies have a vast range of DOT approvals as well as approvals from state regulatory bodies. That means that regardless of where your concrete construction project is taking place, we have a product that will meet the strict safety standards set forth by the applicable regulatory agencies. 

You’ll find several of our epoxy products that fit your needs for those that need quick curing. Some, like our HYB-2CC, can cure completely in as little as 30 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Suppose your project requires a close eye on value without harming structural integrity, strength, or volume. In that case, we offer value-friendly products like our EPX-3CC, the perfect balance of high performance and high volume suitable for a wide range of temperatures. 

Applications for Epoxy Anchor Bolts

If your project requires epoxy to hold up the strongest concrete anchors or dowels, you’ll find our epoxies more than capable of holding strong and curing quickly.

Whether your concrete anchoring takes place in cold, warm, or moist climates, we have an epoxy product that will fit your anchoring and dowelling needs.

All you need to do is reach out to us and let us know about your specific needs, and we’ll help you identify the epoxy that works best for your specific situation.

Find Concrete Anchor Epoxy and Other Adhesives at Adhesives Technology Corporation

For over 40 years, Adhesives Technology Corporation has led the industry in developing and designing strong, high-performing industry adhesives. From epoxies to acrylics to ester blends, our goal is to create products that work safely and effectively for our customer base that ranges from structural and civil engineers to contractors to DIY experts.

We sell our products in a variety of sizes to ensure that you always have the perfect amount for the job at hand and to reduce waste as much as possible. That’s why you can find our products at construction sites, industrial settings, and home workshops throughout the country.

If you’re looking for industry-strength adhesives for your construction, industrial, or home project, reach out to us today. We’ll work to understand your specific needs and identify the product that best suits them. Speak with us by calling 1-800-892-1880 or by sending us an email through our website.


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