Most people are familiar with epoxy. It is a common adhesive found in nearly every workshop you ever set foot in. Two different chemicals become a strong adhesive, you spread it on the desired surface, and once it sets, they are stuck together forever (and quite solidly).

Wholesale epoxy

What can be tricky is determining what sets the different brands of epoxy apart from one another. There are many different types of epoxy that are designed for use on different surfaces, but those are basically chosen to fit whatever project you are working on. However, there are also several different ways to manufacture adhesives. Different companies rarely use the same process, and those different processes can yield vastly different results in terms of quality and durability. Obviously using a quality product is important; it makes any completed project safer, and it saves time and energy from having to redo anything.

So out of the many choices for epoxy manufacturers in usa, how do you know which ones you can trust? Adhesive Technology Corporation (ATC) ranks among the leading wholesale epoxy manufacturers and Industrial Epoxy Manufacturer in the entire United States. Our products are made right here in the USA, so you know that you are getting a quality adhesive that you can trust. We have been in this business for a long time, and we use that experience to better serve our customers.

We have a wide selection of products available to our customers. UltraBond and CrackBond are two of our more well-known products, and we also have our Miracle Bond line of adhesives, which are among our top sellers. Our Miracle Bond 1350 and 1450 adhesives are ceramic blends that are perfect for use on any material that you can think of. Both compounds bond quickly, although the drying times are slightly different. Choosing one over the other really just depends on your intended use.

Commercial epoxy manufacturer

One of the biggest benefits of buying an epoxy from a quality epoxy supplier like ATC is that regardless of the repairs you may be using it for, you can rest assured that the problem will stay fixed after the first time you address it. This is a tremendous benefit to the dedicated craftsman and the busy family alike.

ATC has extensive experience in manufacturing quality industrial strength adhesives. Over the years, we have learned that there is literally no end to the potential uses of an epoxy compound and that no one compound can serve every person’s needs. That is why we have derived several different compounds to fit as many surfaces, uses, drying times, and locations as possible. We want our customers to know that we stand behind our product and that they can fix their problem and forget about it. We sell our products in various amounts, so whether you are a builder that intends to use the product widely or just have some small home repairs, we have a product and size that will suit your needs perfectly.