Wholesale Epoxy Resin Industrial Adhesives

There are many things you need to think about when looking for the right industrial epoxy resin adhesive for all your concrete flooring repair projects. It is important to take into consideration the weight and amount of traffic that passes through the area you want to apply the adhesive coating, as well as the required strength, working time, temperature of application, degree, and size of cracking, and other important characteristics.

Several different types of epoxy adhesives are available such as 100 percent solid based paints and coatings, solvent-based materials, and the most common are water-based repair products. The most suggested paints will have a twenty-year warranty, but if you can find adhesives with a lifetime warranty that is even better. Other things to take into consideration when looking for epoxy resin wholesale are the toxicity of the products used.

What Epoxy Resin Do Wholesale Suppliers and Epoxy Resin Exporters Carry?

There are many different types of adhesive paints, repair products, and coatings that epoxy resin wholesale suppliers and epoxy resin exporters carry.* With so many different options, for so many different applications, it is very important to know the type of flooring you’ll be painting or repairing and the condition it’s in. Most often, epoxy resin wholesale suppliers will suggest three types of adhesives.

The cheapest paints that a resin manufacturer or epoxy resin wholesale supplier will carry are the water-based paints; these are simple to apply but the least durable. This option will be great for residential areas. An experienced epoxy resin manufacturer or epoxy resin wholesale supplier will suggest the water-based adhesive that is the least toxic, but it may not be the best choice for floors with moisture problems because those will require annual touch-ups.

Resin manufacturers and epoxy resin wholesale suppliers will tell you that solvent-based epoxy is more toxic and more durable than the water-based paints. You have to mix two parts together and use extensive caution, which is why this option isn’t the easiest to apply. However, these products will last much longer than the other adhesives and have a longer warranty. Consider all this information before buying from epoxy resin manufacturers or epoxy resin wholesale suppliers.

People searching for cheap epoxy resin manufacturers online may actually be in need of epoxy products or other types of adhesives. Their needs depend on the type of project they are undertaking with wholesale epoxy resin. 

Are you looking to repair cracks, voids, or spalls in concrete floors?

When cracks and voids must be repaired, ATC provides a range of products suitable for pressurized crack injection, as well as gravity feed application. The CRACKBOND® LR-321 line contains products that are NSF 61 certified with lower toxicity levels than major competitors in its category.

CRACKBOND® LR-321 SLV is a super low viscosity epoxy for fine cracks up to 1/8 inch and provides a longer working time than most competitive products. It is a solvent-free epoxy that is moisture insensitive and suitable for both pressure injection and gravity-feed crack repairs.

CRACKBOND® LR-321 LV is a low viscosity epoxy for cracks that range from 1/8 in. to < 1/4 in.

Finally, CRACKBOND® LR-321 TXO is a high strength epoxy gel for pressure injection into blindside voids. A thixotropic epoxy, it flows under pressure but stops flowing when pressure is released, preventing the epoxy from continuing to flow into open spaces. Low-odor and moisture insensitive, it can be applied in a broad temperature range of 50 ˚F to 100 ˚F.

Adhesives Technology Corp also offers CRACKBOND® CSR, a low viscosity polyurethane alternative to epoxy, available in various cartridge and bulk packages. Used on horizontal surfaces, it cures quickly and allows you to open the repair area to traffic within 60 minutes. Where specific color is required, you can add concrete powder pigments to match desired hues.

Repairing Bridge and Parking Decks

When high traffic surfaces with heavy loads develop cracks, a good product to consider is CRACKBOND® HEALER/SEALER. It is an ultra-low viscosity, fast-cure, high strength epoxy penetrant that reduces water and chloride intrusion to prevent rebar corrosion. It seals surface micro-cracks to extend the service life of elevated horizontal concrete surfaces.

For surfaces subject to lower stress, CRACKBOND® CSR offers an alternative to epoxy. It is a urethane-based hybrid crack and spall repair product that quickly penetrates concrete for fast repairs. Self-leveling, resilient, and impact-resistant, it cures down to 0 ˚F, allowing fast return to service times of 45-60 minutes at room temperature. It can also be colored with tile grout powders.

Joint Repair Requires Specialized Products

As discussed above, sometimes epoxy is not the preferred repair product. That’s especially true when protecting control joint edges in concrete surfaces from spalling due to wheeled traffic. CRACKBOND® JF-82 FAST is a rapid-curing polyurea product with excellent tensile strength and a very broad application temperature range of -40 ˚F to 120 ˚F.

Alternatively, CRACKBOND® JF is an elastomeric, rapid-curing polyurea joint filler that allows 10-15% movement of installed joint width. It is solvent-free, low viscosity, and self-leveling for use as a control joint filler for interior, horizontal surfaces.

Both of these products are available from Adhesives Technology Corporation in the cartridge as well as bulk packaging.

Cheap Resin Manufacturers Online

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* ATC is not a resin manufacturer. We do sell resin products in bulk and cartridge formulations along with fully-formulated products.