Industrial Adhesives

There are many things you need to think about when looking for the right industrial epoxy resin adhesive for all your flooring projects. It is important to take into consideration the amount of foot traffic that passes through the area you want to apply the adhesive paint.

Several different types of epoxy adhesives are available such as 100 percent solid based paints, solvent based paints, and the most common are water-based paints. The most suggested paints will have a twenty-year warranty but if you can find adhesives with a lifetime warranty that is even better. Other things to take into consideration when looking for epoxy resin wholesale are the toxicity of the paints.

What Epoxy Resin Exporters Carry

There are so many different types of adhesive paints that epoxy resin exporters carry. Knowing there are different options, it makes it very important to know the type of flooring you’ll be painting and the condition it’s in. Most often epoxy resin suppliers, when dealing with floor paints, will suggest three types of adhesives.

The cheapest paints a resin manufacturer will carry are the water-based paints; these are simple to apply and least durable. This option will be great for residential areas. An epoxy resin manufacturer will suggest the water-based adhesive to be the least toxic, but it isn’t a great decision to use on floors with moisture problems; they’ll need annual touch-ups.

Resin manufacturers will tell you that solvent-based epoxy is more toxic and more durable than the water-based paints. You have to mix two parts together and use extensive caution, which is why this option isn’t the easiest paint to apply. They will last much longer than the other adhesives and have a longer warranty. Consider all this information before buying from epoxy resin manufacturers.

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