Common Questions for an Epoxy Manufacturer

Epoxy is a popular adhesive that is used in many industries because it works. If you are looking for a manufacturer for an epoxy resin, knowing what you need, when you need it and how to find it will help the process go smoothly. Here are a few things you need to know:

What are the most common uses of epoxy?

Epoxy is a heavy-duty adhesive. Epoxy uses range from construction to home use. Many businesses and companies use Epoxy in paints, electronics, and dental work. In addition, epoxy is useful in airplanes, structural engineering, art, laminating, home crafts, and do it yourself projects.

The best available epoxy manufacturers have a broad customer base. Epoxy resins are extremely versatile and are one of the only adhesives that can be used on metal and are also used as protective coatings as well as patching holes in cement and other materials. The flexibility and stability of epoxy make it a suitable choice for a variety of purposes.

Should I be concerned about transporting epoxy?

There are a few concerns in regards to transporting epoxy. However, safety precautions are essential while working with the material. If inhaled, the powdered form of epoxy can cause breathing problems. Individuals, who work with the material, before or after mixing, should wear protective gloves and avoid contact with the skin.

The epoxy resin can be toxic, but the biggest threat is the hardening agent. Individuals working with epoxy after the resin and the hardening agent are combined, should avoid skin contact completely.  If you frequently work with epoxy, it is important to wear safety gear to avoid developing an allergy to epoxy. Because epoxy resin can be dangerous, safety precautions are always taken when transporting and storing the material.

How do I choose an epoxy manufacturer?

When choosing an epoxy manufacturer, it is important to consider location as well as experience and product. When you order your product from an epoxy manufacturer, you may want to consider epoxy manufacturers in the USA. When you buy epoxy produced in the United States you save money on shipping and help support local jobs and workers.

You should take into consideration what you need from your manufacturer. With over 45 years of working with clients big and small, ATC Epoxy is a reliable source for all things epoxy related. Whether you are looking to expand your private label or need to purchase large and small quantities of epoxy products, we have what you need.

Do epoxy manufacturers follow special laws?

Like all manufacturers that deal with hazardous materials, epoxy manufacturers are required to follow certain protocols to ensure a safe product, safe transportation, storage, and a safe working environment for employees.

We are required to follow regulations in regards to how and where we store epoxy resin and hardening agents. In addition, there are specific protocols for transporting and disposing of epoxy and any scrap material. ATC ensures that your product is handled safely and that our employees follow safety protocols when handling hazardous materials.