How to Use the Best Epoxies

Industrial adhesives are an important part of many projects. They keep everything together, including some of the toughest materials. They may even act as a means to repair objects and equipment. It is crucial that companies choose adhesives from the best available epoxy resin manufacturers if they want a lasting solution.

Epoxies are one of the most common industrial adhesives available. This structural adhesive is typically chosen because of its ability to resist some weather conditions, it doesn’t react to temperature changes and it is strong. The lower price point also makes it a more practical choice for many companies. Cheap resin manufacturers are happy to provide epoxy solutions to companies in bulk.

Prepare Surfaces for Epoxy Use

Using an epoxy solution is very easy, but you will need to prepare and clean your surface before use. Chemically cleaned surfaces tend to lead to longer lasting results. This makes the solution a better long-term investment. Depending on the type of material, clean the surfaces with isopropyl alcohol, acetone or MEK.

All materials can be used with epoxy. Metals and some other precious materials may need to use an abrading process before the epoxy solution is used.

Safety Tips from Epoxy Resin Manufacturers

Epoxy resin manufacturers are always concerned with how their product is being used. It is an incredibly strong adhesive, and any resin manufacturer is going to want to ensure that you can handle their product properly.

This starts with reading all of the safety materials included with your purchase. Always handle and mix the epoxy solution while wearing personal protective equipment, including eyewear and rubber gloves.

The best epoxy solutions will work well at all temperatures; however, it is often recommended to use the product in a warmer room. Epoxy tends to be more effective when used on surfaces that are over 50 degrees.

Where to Buy Industrial Adhesives

There are several cheap resin manufacturers online that can provide you with an excellent product and great customer service. The Adhesives Technology Corporation, also known as ATC, manufactures and sells a variety of adhesive solutions. Their epoxy formulas work well for almost any industry. The manufacturer is also willing to provide you with more information on how to use the solution.

If your company needs an epoxy solution that will is durable and made-to-last, contact ATC Poxy today and speak with a customer service representative.