Choosing the Best Industrial Adhesives & Epoxies

From repairing concrete floors in an office parking garage to anchoring steel beams on a construction site, you’re going to need a heavy-duty adhesive product, and one of the most efficient, reliable, and affordable adhesive products available is epoxy resin.  Epoxy resins are one of the most favored industrial adhesives on the market because of their versatility, processing speeds, and rigid sealant capabilities for virtually any construction project.

Epoxy sealants are commonly used in the manufacturing of laminates, castings, fixtures, and molds, on construction sites for doweling, anchoring, and joint repair, as well as in boat-building and airplane component construction because of their resistance to water.

After 45 years as one of the most respected, top-rated epoxy resin manufacturers, Adhesives Technology Corporation knows how critical industrial bonding applications are for numerous projects, including construction, maintenance, and restoration, therefore we only carry well-known and highly-respected products.

Although we specialize in the heavy construction industry, we also care very much about our Do-It-Yourself customers, so whether you require large industrial-size quantities of a product or something smaller for your home projects, we are the best available epoxy resin manufacturers you can always count on for superior customer satisfaction and proven product reliability.

Adhesive Technology Corporation Promises To Stick With You

When seeking an epoxy resin manufacturer, there are several things you need to know.  The first and most important is expertise.  Successful resin manufacturers should have an established and satisfied customer base with continual repeat business.  Secondly, but equally critical, is the quality and variety of the products the company offers.  And lastly, it should have exceptional customer service.

We at ATC proudly embody all three of these components.  After being well-known in the industry for almost half a century, we know epoxy resins.  We consider our staff adhesive experts and our extensive and varied inventory contain a product for every need possible.  But we realize we could have all the epoxy resin knowledge in the world and a million different top-rated products, but if we don’t treat every customer with kindness and respect, then we are out of business tomorrow.

We have learned that our success is a direct result of your success, and your satisfaction, and we will do everything we can with each and every client to make sure that happens.  That is our only goal.  Let us prove that to you.  If you need something to stick – we’re your glue.