Best Industrial Adhesives Manufacturer

376859_518425764837819_517642683_nIf you are working on a construction site, you are going to need the appropriate tools, machinery and supplies required to successfully build things. One of the most critical of these supplies is industrial adhesives.

These important substances are used to complete numerous industrial tasks such as doweling, anchoring, bonding, repairing concrete, joint filling, as well as other maintenance and restoration activities. Adhesives Technology Corporation is one of the leading online resin manufacturers, serving our valued customers for the past 45 years, which has earned us an outstanding reputation for selling quality products and delivering superior customer service.

We specialize in the construction industry, and our dedicated staff has excellent knowledge on all the top quality adhesives, including those made with acrylics, urethanes, polyureas, ester blends and epoxies. To keep our customers satisfied and loyal, we only use products from the very best epoxy resin manufacturers, such as Ultrabond, Hard-Rok, The Cracker, CrackBond and MiracleBond.

Adhesives Technology Corporation is a Resin Manufacturer You Can Trust

privatelabel51We believe the most important component in a business relationship is client trust. We do everything in our power to keep every client satisfied. We never forget that our success depends on your success, and we consistently go out of our way to listen carefully to your adhesive needs so that your company runs as efficiently as possible.

As a leading epoxy resin manufacturer, we carry a wide range of the most recognized and requested adhesive products to meet all your construction and industrial needs. Whether you need heavy-duty adhesives or low viscosity adhesives, we’ve got you covered. And we don’t just sell them, we KNOW these products well. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily recommend the best product for your construction goal, and because of our decades-long experience and expertise, our clients keep returning to us again and again.

ATC is also a proud Private Label Epoxy Manufacturer and one of the largest located in the United States. We work with you to develop custom formulas using your brand or ours, and offering you our research and development, training, packaging, marketing and shipping. We have worked with some of the most respected companies in the country, including those in the mining industry, railroad, earthquake repair, and much more.

You can choose any resin manufacturer to supply your adhesives, but ATC is the very best in every way. We promise to bond with you!