Try to imagine the worst possible place to use a jack hammer. How about at an unused pool at an apartment complex next to a preschool?

In the normally quiet surfer town of Laguna Niguel, CA every morning at 8am the metallic ratting of jack hammers broke the dawn.  Late sleeping college students moaned in disgust. Preschools children covered their ears and grimaced. Parents coughed at the dust blown by the ocean breeze. Tenants grew frustrated as they dusted off their cars.

It wasn’t long before the apartment management had a few written complaints. The apartment manager understood the annoyance, but could do nothing. The workers had all the right municipal permits. They were also working for a good reasons. The pool had become too much an insurance liability. No one used it with the pacific ocean less than two miles away. The pool would be replaced with an expansion of the park lot in a place where space was premium. It would be better for everyone, the manager had insisted. None of this stated the frustration of either the tenants or the preschool teachers.

Where to find epoxy manufacturers in usa that can demolition concrete

To make matters worse the regulations against noise pollution allowed the workers only a limited time per day to work. This meant that the job would extend for nearly two weeks. The manager asked the worker if there was faster way to complete their job. There was, they replied with eagerly. They use an explosive solution, something they’d be excited to do. This only mortified the manager as she imaged explosive sounds like those from grenades or gun shots cracking the concrete. The disappointed workers would have to wait another time to set their fireworks.

One of the workers had done a little research about the best epoxy manufacturers available online. This might seem strange. An epoxy manufacturer is normally in the businesses of sticking things together, rather than cracking them apart. Interestingly enough, when you research well enough how to keep concrete together, it is not hard to also learn how to break it apart.
Think eroded granite rocks, a cracked statue, or a deteriorated ancient ruin. All of these things are made of rock and stone, yet a natural chemical process breaks them down. The way our non-explosive, non-noise polluting and non-jack hammering demolition solution works in a similar way. All we do in concentrate the naturally found chemicals to accelerate a process in nature.  Furthermore, our solution is eco-friendly.  Which is why even in a state with as strict environmental codes as California, our product the Cracker is allowed.

Our office was contacted from Laguna Niguel. The workers wanted a single five pound bag of The Cracker. When received, they put down their jack hammers and picked up their drills.  In only one half hour, they had drilled enough holes to seed the Cracker. Once it was filled with water, the remaining concrete begin to fissure and erode. No more noise or dust in the air. Only the remaining residue of lime was left behind.

To the relief of an apartment manager, tired college students, and preschoolers, the workers quietly hauled out the debris by the next afternoon.