Best Available Epoxy Manufacturer

Are you wondering where to find epoxy manufactures in the USA? Searching the Internet through an index of companies on various search engines is one way to find a company, but how do you know you’ve found the best available epoxy manufacturer online.

Here at Adhesives Technology Corporation, an epoxy manufacturer, we guarantee that we are the best in the business. We have over forty-five years of experience, but what makes us the best available epoxy manufacturer is that all our experience and knowledge is proven out in the field. We are determined to bring you quality.

Any epoxy manufacturers in the USA can quickly make formulas that are strong but it doesn’t mean it will last long. Go with epoxy manufacturers that have a great standing for creating adhesives that are affective. If you use a poorly made adhesive you’re essentially creating a safety hazard. In addition, using inadequate epoxy resin will require you to continually make repairs, which will cost you much more money than buying a great adhesive that actually works.

How To Contact Epoxy Manufacturers

The best adhesives are made locally and the United States of America has various epoxy manufacturers available online and in stores. Here at Adhesive Technology Corporation, also known as ATC, has become the best epoxy manufacturer in USA of Adhesives. We carry adhesives such as Crackbond, Ultrabond, and Miracle Bond. Miracle Bond happens to be our most popular and trusted epoxy based product. Our company manufactures two different types of Miracle Bond epoxy; there is one for heavy-duty tasks and another for simpler tasks.

The heavy-duty is a 1350 Miracle Bond and the epoxy used for simpler tasks is a 1450 Miracle Bond. If you need to patch up a small hole or fill in a large crack Miracle Bond is the best epoxy resin to buy. In fact, this product is so sturdy you can even use it on rotting wood and concrete. We aim to help all kinds of people in making fast and important repairs; we want to help make your project as simple as possible.

best epoxy manufacturer in USAWe have worked so hard to make sure our adhesive formulas are perfected to the best they can be, which is why you shouldn’t have to ask where to find epoxy manufacturers in the USA when we offer you the best quality and service. We are located in Florida, but our website can be found on the Internet at

Our company provides services in helping our customers with repairing concrete, restoration, anchoring, maintenance, and much more. We have created solutions for every home improvement problem you may have. Most places only sell epoxy by the gallon but we know that not all projects require that much adhesive so we sell quart sizes as well. We are here to help you with anything you may need. Remember, your project shouldn’t have to be difficult or stressful; we want you to know your home project will turn out great.