Miracle Bond® Easy Flow

Easy To Dispense, Non-Sag, General Purpose Repair Epoxy

Use Miracle Bond® Easy Flow when you need a thick, high strength, no-drip, paste-like product that cures harder than concrete to fillhorizontal or vertical voids or glue materials together. Can sandor paint.

Features & Advantages:

  • High strength bonding agent for materials including concrete, brick, wood, stone and block
  • Non-sag patching material for cracks and spalls, great for overhead and vertical repair
  • Can be used as an adhesive or filler
  • Rapid initial 3 hour cure at room temperature
  • Long lasting permanent repairs

Actual Before and After photos of Miracle Bond® Easy Flow applications.


Flexible Polyurea Joint Filler to fill horizontal cracks, control joints and saw cuts

Use Crackbond® JF-311 when you need a thin self-leveling productthat cures flexible like rubber to fill horizontal cracks and control joints

Features & Advantages:

  • Used to fill interior/exterior control joints or new construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces
  • For exterior applications when minimal joint movement from  thermal cycling will occur
  • Treated joints can be opened to traffic in 90 minutes at 75°F (24°C)
  • Wide application and service temperature range
  • Self leveling for superior penetration
  • Long lasting repairs- Years not months

Crackbond® JF-311 cures flexible like rubber. Fits standard caulking guns.

Watch these videos to see Miracle Bond® Easy Flow and Crackbond® JF-311 in action:

Miracle Bond® Easy Flow General Purpose Repair Epoxy/Fix Almost Anything

Fix Cracks and Control Joints With Flexible JF-311 Polyurea