Custom Formulation of an Ultrabond Clear Sprayable Epoxy Coating for the Building Industry

A customer in the building industry approached Adhesives Technology Corporation for a solution to a costly problem. The customer had completed a large business park that included aggregate, built into the outside walls; while impressive in appearance, pebbles were falling off these walls and landing on cars! They needed something to contain the aggregate that could be applied easily over the rough surface and that would preserve the surface’s striking appearance. We set to work developing a custom formulation to suit the application’s unique needs. We came up with a crystal clear, exceptional bond strength coating epoxy. Because it would be used outdoors, we made sure to incorporate UV inhibitors to withstand degeneration due to sun exposure. It is also abrasion resistant. Out of mindfulness for the environment, this product is low VOC.  This custom epoxy’s water-like viscosity meant it could be sprayed onto the surface, set into a thickness of 1/64″ to 1/8″ minimum, effectively meeting our customer’s goals. This Ultrabond FC2002CLR Clear Epoxy Coating is now available in 3 to 55 gallon drums, for use in residential and commercial building and/or indoor and outdoor flooring applications. To learn more about this custom epoxy coating formulation project, or our other products and services, please contact Adhesives Technology Corporation.