An Epoxy Resin Manufacturer Is Here To Help You Get It Right


A flooring project is one that should be taken on with the intention of getting it done right the first time. Especially in the case of epoxy resin, as it offers a vast amount of options for redoing your floor. The most important thing to do is determine what you want and take the time to learn about which option best fits these expectations.

Consider the Floor

An important thing to consider is the floor itself and what purpose it serves. What types of traffic does the floor see, and how much traffic does it endure? Is it moderate foot traffic, or frequent wheel traffic? These are factors to consider when choosing the right epoxy resin manufacturer. You must also reflect on the material of the floor, and where the surface is located (indoors, outdoors, etc.). This will help you to determine if you need an epoxy resin with more resistance to rain or other weather conditions.

While you are thinking about the current state of your floor, also consider what you want the end result to be. Having a clear vision of your expectations will be a huge help as you walk through this process. Adhesives Technology is an epoxy resin wholesaler that offers a wide range of colors so that you can achieve the finish you desire.

Understanding Different Epoxy Resins

One of the deciding factors when you’re picking an epoxy resin is the percentage of solids. This percentage tells you the amount of material that remains after the epoxy is dry, and also lets you know how water-based the paint is. A low percentage epoxy resin is more water-based, making it the least toxic option. They are also more user-friendly and easier to apply on your own, but this causes the need for more long-term maintenance, so consider this if you decide to go this route.

The higher the epoxy resin solids percentage, the higher the toxicity level. You will also need the help of a professional to apply this percentage, as it is a more intense project, but the surface will require less maintenance. These are often factors that will sway people one way or the other, depending on the nature of your project.

Seek Help

The good news is, we are here to help you! All of the above decisions can be made with the assistance of an Adhesives Technology Epoxy Resin Representative. They will assist you as you begin choosing the best paint for the job, and ensure that the end result is exactly what you desire. Their wide selection of epoxy resin paints and colors will leave you happy with a functional and fashionable floor!

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Deciding to refinish a floor using epoxy floor paint


Here at Adhesive Technologies Corporation, we offer a few different varieties when you are deciding to change up the look and resistance of your flooring. Taking a boring old cement garage floor and quickly turning it into a showroom for your car or adjusting its durability quickly is an easier task then you might think when using epoxy resin floor paint. The great thing about choosing to re-do a garage floor or any floor for that matter with Epoxy paint is how resistant it is to oil, grease and other liquids that would ruin typical paint and flooring.

Must have materials when applying epoxy floor paint

When it comes to using Adhesive Technologies Corporation epoxy resin paint there are a few things we suggest you have on hand before you get started to allow for a smooth flow when painting your flooring. A paint roller, paint brush and a wet and dry shop vacuum are a must have for you to clean up. They are also needed to make any adjustments that are required when actually applying the epoxy paint to your flooring. Having the tools necessary, whether you end up needing to use all or some of them, will help you avoid any last-minute shopping trips that you may have. A few other materials that we suggest you have are rubber boots, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. These materials will ensure your safety while applying the epoxy resin paint.

Prepping the floor for your epoxy resin floor paint

When applying epoxy resin floor paint there are a few steps you want to take before you start the main job. Cleaning the floor will be a vital part of the process. You are going to want to remove and previous oil and grease stains from the floor. You can easily use a stiff bristle brush and some elbow grease to get the floor cleaned where needed. It is important to note that you will want to make sure any and all moisture has been dried before you apply the epoxy resin provided by Adhesive Technologies Corporation, to your flooring.

Crack Kit with Box2 Path1 to use before epoxy resin paintWhat if we have cracks in our floor?

If there are any cracks in your flooring those can be easily patched with Adhesive Technologies Corporation crack kit for crack injection and concrete repair before you apply your epoxy paint. The crack kit has a patented T-Port System and can be used on anything from bonding concrete to crack repairs or fixing broken pieces of concrete. Allowing the flooring to dry before applying the epoxy resin paint will be the next step in ensuring that you have a clean job and great outcome when you are finished with your project.

Our promise at Adhesive Technologies Corporation

Adhesive Technologies Corporation makes sure that all of our products will help you achieve the outcome you are looking for when it comes to using epoxy resin for all your flooring and repair projects needs. We are leaders in the manufacturing of construction and industry adhesive needs. We look forward to being a part of your next project.

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Epoxy Resin Wholesale


Industrial Adhesives

There are many things you need to think about when looking for the right industrial epoxy resin adhesive for all your flooring projects. It is important to take into consideration the amount of foot traffic that passes through the area you want to apply the adhesive paint.

Several different types of epoxy adhesives are available such as 100 percent solid based paints, solvent based paints, and the most common are water-based paints. The most suggested paints will have a twenty-year warranty but if you can find adhesives with a lifetime warranty that is even better. Other things to take into consideration when looking for epoxy resin wholesale are the toxicity of the paints.

What Epoxy Resin Exporters Carry

There are so many different types of adhesive paints that epoxy resin exporters carry. Knowing there are different options, it makes it very important to know the type of flooring you’ll be painting and the condition it’s in. Most often epoxy resin suppliers, when dealing with floor paints, will suggest three types of adhesives.

The cheapest paints a resin manufacturer will carry are the water-based paints; these are simple to apply and least durable. This option will be great for residential areas. An epoxy resin manufacturer will suggest the water-based adhesive to be the least toxic, but it isn’t a great decision to use on floors with moisture problems; they’ll need annual touch-ups.

Resin manufacturers will tell you that solvent-based epoxy is more toxic and more durable than the water-based paints. You have to mix two parts together and use extensive caution, which is why this option isn’t the easiest paint to apply. They will last much longer than the other adhesives and have a longer warranty. Consider all this information before buying from epoxy resin manufacturers.

Cheap Resin Manufacturers Online

Here at Adhesives Technology Corporation, we have over forty-five years of experience in the field of industrial adhesives. We are at the top of the best available epoxy resin manufactures in the United States; we have the knowledge and experience to prove it. Our company has a very wide selection of adhesives and packaging systems in the epoxy resin business.

If you want to know where to buy industrial adhesives, look no further than our company because the top respected companies put their trust in our online resin manufacture company to bring them private labels. We are here to bring you benefits of choosing our company out of all the other cheap resin manufacturers online; we are the best and we want to prove it to you. We are able to create custom formulations to meet your adhesive needs.

Don’t ask where to buy industrial adhesives anymore because we will be your first and last stop for all your requirements. We are trained and determined to give you the best service and the best products in the industry. Make Adhesives Technology Corporation your online epoxy resin manufacturer for all your projects and we promise not to disappoint.

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