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What are Epoxy Resins Used For?

Epoxy ResinsEpoxy resin manufacturers create the product by transferring a liquid polyether into a fusible solid by means of a specialized curing process. In the majority of instances, resins are the result of a chemical reaction occurring between bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. Epoxy resin manufacturers work to create this product, as well as others, to fuel the demand throughout the US.

Many different uses exist for this product. Resins cured through being exposed to ultraviolet light are often used in optoelectronics, dentistry and fiber optics. In industrial applications, these resins are used to create castings, laminates, molds and fixtures. For those in the electronics industry, the resin is used for making transformers, insulators, switchgear and generators.

Around the home, you might find the product beneficial for repairing pottery, china, wood, glass, metal and leather items. Once it has properly set, it forms a very strong and extremely durable bond. Even though these resins can be used for repairing materials in marine applications, you want to avoid applying them onto the outer layer of the boat. Exposure to UV light can actually cause deterioration of the resin.

When it comes to industrial adhesives, you can use the epoxy as a crafting supply as well. For those who enjoy making miniatures, this material is useful for creating ocean or beach scenes, although you can also use a smaller amount of the product to design replicas of liquid drinks, soups and fishbowls to fill your little one’s dollhouse with miniature items. Many of those who make jewelry will also use the resins to craft pins, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings and rings with embedded glitter to create a unique and fun effect.

Epoxy resin manufacturers work to make the products available in a number of different locations to make it convenient for their customers. Regardless of what it is that you plan to use the epoxy for, you are sure to find it near you. Even though the majority of epoxies are clear, you can add a little oil paint to them to create the color of your choosing. The possibilities are endless, so only you can determine what level you want to take your epoxy to and in what capacity you plan to use it.

When using the resin, make sure you adhere to all of the safety precautions outlined. Work in an area that has proper ventilation; avoid inhaling the fumes from the product. Wearing goggles and gloves for protecting the skin and eyes is also advised.

Upon completion of your project, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean any spills or wipe off excess resin from any tools or items used. Vinegar is a safe alternative for cleaning the epoxy from skin, tools and brushes.