Common Uses of Industrial Epoxy


One of the most popular reasons to purchase industrial epoxy wholesale is for use as an adhesive. Epoxy is created when a resin and a hardener are combined. The combination of these ingredients creates a curing process. Different measurements create different strengths which can be used for different purposes. Here are a few of the most popular uses of wholesale epoxy.

ATC Industrial Epoxy WholesaleAnchoring and Dowling

Epoxy can be used as an anchor in many situations. It includes the anchoring of railing, rebar and even bolts into concrete. This type of product is extremely strong, which ensures a long-lasting hold. This type of epoxy can be used to anchor dowels as well.

Bonding and Coating

There are many different strengths of epoxy. Many commercial and industrial companies purchase from wholesale epoxy distributors is for use in bonding and coating. Your commercial epoxy manufacturer creates different products. They can be used to coat and attach airplane and machine parts. You can also utilize them for coating and sealant in homes for arts and craft projects.

Concrete Repair

When you purchase your product from a commercial epoxy supplier, your product can also be used for concrete repair. You will most likely use an epoxy if the crack in your cement needs to be repaired. The main reason is that it is causing structural issues. Because epoxy is so strong it’s your best choice for fixing major cracks and damages. You can purchase epoxy with different viscosity (thickness) to meet your individual circumstances.

If there is leaking with little structural you may want to consider using a Polyurethane to seal the leak. Epoxies are stronger but they take longer to harden which could allow further damage to occur.

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Get the Best Commercial Adhesive Manufacturer for Your Business


If you are in an industry that relies on adhesives to thrive, you need to work with only the best manufacturers and distributors in your area. Quality is important to your business and the adhesives that you use can make a huge impact on your finished products. Industrial adhesives may be easy to obtain, but you need to work with an experienced manufacturer if you want to see optimal results. Adhesives Technology Corporation is a commercial adhesive manufacturer that is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a quality, reliable product.

Why Adhesives Technology Corporation is Different

What sets Adhesives Technology Corporation apart from other adhesive manufacturers? The adhesive manufacturing company does more than just fulfill orders; they provide a balance of quality and quantity. Many other adhesive manufacturing companies simply rely on having a lot of product available. Adhesives Technology Corporation also sets itself apart from other industrial adhesive manufacturing companies by offering affordable prices.  The industrial adhesive supply company also as experienced staff members that are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

employee from a commercial adhesive manufacturer

Choosing Adhesive Suppliers

The Internet has made it possible to easily compare adhesive suppliers and analyze your business’ needs. Before you find local adhesive distributors, you should check online. When searching online, you can find companies that ship right away. They may also have a wider range of adhesives on their website, helping you find exactly what you need.

When choosing an industrial adhesive manufacturer, research the company and read feedback that others have left. An experienced industrial adhesive supplier has nothing to hide and you will be able to get a good idea of what it is like to work with an online company. You will feel more comfortable with your purchases once you know that you ordered from one of the top distributors.

Save Money with Industrial Adhesive Distributors

One reason that people turn to industrial adhesive distributors is that they offer reasonable prices. Industrial adhesives are often available in hardware stores, but only an industrial adhesive distributor can offer bulk purchase savings. In addition, distributors have access to better-quality adhesives than most stores.  This allows businesses to always keep their much-needed adhesives in stock and ready to use.

Where to Find a Commercial Adhesive Manufacturer

Adhesives Technology is a commercial adhesive manufacturer that is always ready to help you further your business. With years of experience, these commercial adhesive distributors are able to help you select the exact adhesives you need for your project. They can help you understand the importance of quality and show you the best ways to use adhesives in your industry.

Be prepared with some of the best products that commercial adhesive suppliers can provide. Adhesives Technologies Corporation is always willing to help you stay well-stocked on commercial adhesives. To learn more, visit the ATC website at

Contact Adhesives Technologies today to learn about the importance of working with a great industrial adhesives distributor!

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Deciding to refinish a floor using epoxy floor paint


Here at Adhesive Technologies Corporation, we offer a few different varieties when you are deciding to change up the look and resistance of your flooring. Taking a boring old cement garage floor and quickly turning it into a showroom for your car or adjusting its durability quickly is an easier task then you might think when using epoxy resin floor paint. The great thing about choosing to re-do a garage floor or any floor for that matter with Epoxy paint is how resistant it is to oil, grease and other liquids that would ruin typical paint and flooring.

Must have materials when applying epoxy floor paint

When it comes to using Adhesive Technologies Corporation epoxy resin paint there are a few things we suggest you have on hand before you get started to allow for a smooth flow when painting your flooring. A paint roller, paint brush and a wet and dry shop vacuum are a must have for you to clean up. They are also needed to make any adjustments that are required when actually applying the epoxy paint to your flooring. Having the tools necessary, whether you end up needing to use all or some of them, will help you avoid any last-minute shopping trips that you may have. A few other materials that we suggest you have are rubber boots, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. These materials will ensure your safety while applying the epoxy resin paint.

Prepping the floor for your epoxy resin floor paint

When applying epoxy resin floor paint there are a few steps you want to take before you start the main job. Cleaning the floor will be a vital part of the process. You are going to want to remove and previous oil and grease stains from the floor. You can easily use a stiff bristle brush and some elbow grease to get the floor cleaned where needed. It is important to note that you will want to make sure any and all moisture has been dried before you apply the epoxy resin provided by Adhesive Technologies Corporation, to your flooring.

Crack Kit with Box2 Path1 to use before epoxy resin paintWhat if we have cracks in our floor?

If there are any cracks in your flooring those can be easily patched with Adhesive Technologies Corporation crack kit for crack injection and concrete repair before you apply your epoxy paint. The crack kit has a patented T-Port System and can be used on anything from bonding concrete to crack repairs or fixing broken pieces of concrete. Allowing the flooring to dry before applying the epoxy resin paint will be the next step in ensuring that you have a clean job and great outcome when you are finished with your project.

Our promise at Adhesive Technologies Corporation

Adhesive Technologies Corporation makes sure that all of our products will help you achieve the outcome you are looking for when it comes to using epoxy resin for all your flooring and repair projects needs. We are leaders in the manufacturing of construction and industry adhesive needs. We look forward to being a part of your next project.

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