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What are adhesives?

Adhesives are used to bond various types of materials together.  Some common types of adhesives may come in the form of cement, paste, or glue.  The use of adhesives is often preferred over other methods of joining objects for several reasons, like welding, stitching, nailing, or bolting, for several reasons.  Using adhesives, you can join different types of materials that would otherwise be almost impossible to do.  Adhesives are usually less expensive, do a much better job, and are more esthetically pleasing.   If this sounds like something you could use, Adhesives Technology Corporation is the place for you.

Who we are

We are adhesive manufacturers and have more than forty five years of established experience in the field.  We are one of the top manufacturers of industry and construction grade adhesives and are based out of Pompano Beach, Florida.  Our company is one of the biggest private label producers nationwide.  We provide products for some of the more highly respected companies around the world.  When you decide to partner with our company, you get will have decades of experience to rely on.

We manufacture state of the art, profession grade products.  We have superior brand products to offer your company.  We have MiracleBond, Hard-Rok, Ultrabond, The Cracker, and Ultrabond just to name a few.  The products are used for filling joints, repairing concrete, anchoring, bonding, doweling, and other maintenance or restoration projects.  It doesn’t matter if you have a small job or something that requires real connecting power, there is no shortage of products available to you at Adhesives Technology Corporation.

Why you should choose us

The reason you should choose Adhesives Technology Corporation is clear.  Not only do we have decades of experience and knowledge to offer you, but we have outstanding customer service.  We have thrived over the years because we know what our customers want and need, and we provide it to them.  We are dedicated to finding, manufacturing, and servicing only the highest quality adhesive systems.  We recognize the importance of providing the right products and services to the right situation and we are committed to providing those services to you.

As a leading adhesive manufacturer, we are confident in what we offer and want you to be confident as well.  We have made sure, through research and development, that our products will be efficient and effective.  We want to provide you with the peace of mind that no matter what your adhesives situation may be, or what product you choose, that it will not fail.  You are our first priority!  Our customer services representatives are all thoroughly trained to handle any questions or concerns you may have.

They know our products and will discuss various options with you in great detail.  We want to work with you in finding exactly what you need and what will work best in your unique situation.  So remember, no matter what your adhesive needs may be, Adhesives Technology Corporation is the company you will want to stick with.

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Who Are Adhesives Technology Corporation?


With nearly forty-five years of industry experience, Adhesives Technology Corporation (ATC) has become one of the best adhesive suppliers and manufacturers in the nation. As a leading manufacturer in the epoxy resin adhesive industry, we have refined the adhesive solutions in order to accommodate our customers. To refine their job or project to the best of their abilities, our safety concerns adhere to our customers own specifications and required applications for their projects.

•Ester Blends

A leading industrial adhesive manufacturer, ATC is considered one of the top companies to manufacturer adhesives such as epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, ester blends and polyureas.

We specialize in turnkey, labeling, training, quality control, research and development, marketing, packaging and of course, customer service.

For over four decades as an industrial adhesive manufacturer, we have quality assured and proven experience to provide companies with the best, safest products we have to offer; brands like Ultrabond®, MiracleBond®, CrackBond®, The Cracker® and Hard-Rok.

Besides anchoring, bonding, concrete repair, doweling and joint filling, we have a maintenance and restoration clientele across many industries including but not limited to heavy duty construction and industrial projects.

We perfected our formula as an epoxy resin adhesive manufacturer in order to help companies make quick repairs for a variety of contracts they may have in the construction industry.

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Manufacturer

This is a particular directory exclusively for the industrial and construction field is  According to the global trade industrial directory, searching for an epoxy resin adhesive manufacturer not hard to find, when China leads with 8169 suppliers, followed by the U.S. which has approximately 84.  Hong Kong has 4 adhesive manufacturers and Taiwan has only 1; this says a lot for our local construction industry.

Support the local companies such as ATC, which is one of the leaders in industrial supply of epoxy resin manufacturing,  a critical part of the constructing, building and/or repairing some of the world’s buildings, bridges, even supporting the mining and railroad industry, the roofing industries, airport and retail industries and earthquake relief and recovery.

As your epoxy resin supplier, you have the option to choose from some of our powerful, bonding adhesives formulated to help you repair jobs such as structural concrete, masonry and wood related.  Crackbond LR321, for example, is formulated for use as an injection resin for cracks in structural concrete, masonry and wood. We are the ultimate resin manufacturer and distributor for epoxy adhesives, epoxy glue, epoxy spray adhesives, epoxy coatings, epoxy resin filler, epoxy mold resins, adhesive epoxy resins, clear epoxy resins, epoxy floor coatings, epoxy glues, and much more. We have been very successful with providing training and specialized solutions that meet our customers’ requests.

Contact us for estimates at Phone: 1-800-892-1880 or by Fax: 1-800 362-3320 / Email: atcinfo(at)  We are located at ATC, 450 East Copans Rd, Pompano Beach Fl, Florida 33064 We welcome all!
With our varied epoxy resin adhesives, we accommodate large and small orders with services in domestic and foreign markets. Our customer services will not go unnoticed.

Epoxy resin adhesives by a leading industrial adhesive manufacturer, Adhesives Technology Corporation (ATC) phone 1-800-892-1880, at 450 East Copans Rd, Pompano Beach Fl, Florida 33064

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Company With Adhesive Manufacturers


Adhesives Technology Corporation: Your Go-To Adhesive Manufacturer

Adhesives are substances, when applied to the surface of materials, holds them together. Most often, they are found in the form of glue, cement, mucilage or paste.  While there are other binding techniques to choose from like sewing, welding, bolting and screwing, adhesives are generally the most beneficial.

That’s because they allow you to join all types of objects with one another, distribute stress more efficiently, and increase design flexibility. Adhesives are also typically less money than these other methods, and are more aesthetic too. When you’re searching for this kind of matter, look no further than Adhesives Technology Corporation.

Who Are Adhesives Technology Corporation?

Located in Pompano Beach, FL, we are a leading manufacturer of construction and industry related adhesives in epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, ester blends and polyureas. That’s not all though. We are  also one of the largest private label epoxy manufacturers nationwide. Some of the most well-known companies throughout the world rely on us for their private label products. There are countless advantages to working with us. For instance, you will have complete access to decades of unmatched research and discovery expertise, as well as state of the art manufacturing and high-level marketing of professional grade adhesives. In the end, this will bring up your sales, without having to increase capital expenditures along the way.

Here at Adhesives Technology Corporation, we sell products from top brands like Ultrabond, MiracleBond, CrackBond, The Cracker and Hard-Rok.  These items are usually used for anchoring, doweling, bonding, joint filling, concrete repair, and maintenance. Recently though, we’ve seen them employed for restoration across various industries such as heavy duty construction, industrial, MRO and consumer/DIY.

Why Choose Us?

Where do we even start on this? First, we have the experience and expertise that no other company comes close to. We have been in the adhesive manufacturer business for over 45 years, so we know what goes into making a successful company. Throughout this time, we have also seen what keeps customers satisfied and what only disappoints. There is no need to turn to any other adhesives manufacturer when we are more than capable of handling your needs.

Then, there is our customer service department. Unlike other company with adhesive manufacturers, the customer is always our number one priority. We care more about serving you than making a quick profit. That’s why we put so much importance on our customer service department. Every member of our staff has been highly trained to deal with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have. Never hesitate to let your voice be heard. We are here to make this whole process as easy as possible for you.

Contact Us Today

There are a few different ways you can get in touch with us. You can call us at 1-800-892-1880 or fax us at 1-800-362-3320. Every Monday through Friday, our telephone lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm. One of our staff members will be more than happy to serve you. If you prefer e-mailing us, then shoot over a message at Besides those options, we even have a form on our official site that you can fill out with your information and requests. No matter which method you pick, you can expect a response from us within one business day.


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