Outdoor concrete surfaces are incredibly vulnerable to damage. The edges of any concrete surface can crumble and break down over time, and the surface will absorb stains, with the water stressing the internal structure of the concrete. However, contractors and construction teams can eliminate many of the most common causes of concrete damage and wear and tear by applying surface sealers and guards. Cement sealer protects the top layer of the sealed concrete from stains, scratches, and physical damage. See why adding concrete paint and sealer to your finishing surfaces is the right choice for every commercial and residential project.

What Is Concrete Sealer?

Concrete surface sealers are water-based or solvent-based chemicals that technicians can spray or roll onto a dry concrete surface. The material penetrates the concrete and leaves a protective film over the top of the concrete surface. Depending on your chosen chemical formulas, the sealer can repel water, mitigate damage from scratches or dropped objects, or add an aesthetically pleasing colored finish.

The best outdoor concrete sealer offers these attributes:

  • Thick formula that clogs or seals the pores of concrete to stop it from absorbing rain and stains
  • Tight bond that helps prevent cracks
  • Colorants that provide a specific color, style, and glossy finish
  • Stain-prevention formulas that repel liquid and make concrete surfaces easier to clean

These aspects of surface sealers are important in both residential and commercial applications. If your business specializes in concrete installations and refinishing services, offering concrete paint and sealer options is an excellent strategy for both guaranteeing the long-term quality and appearance of your work and offering add-on services that strengthen your own business.

Reasons to Seal Outdoor Concrete With Concrete Paint and Sealer

Most building construction processes do not treat, seal, or finish the underlying concrete surfaces. However, this leaves property owners facing damaged concrete slabs over time, which can worsen property values, decrease curb appeal, and even present potential safety issues. Some of the reasons why your customers may start thinking about sealed concrete with a professional cement sealer are:

They’re Refinishing a Garage or Workspace

Both homeowners and commercial garages use chemicals and heavy equipment that can damage bare concrete floors. Renovating these spaces and protecting the floor with concrete paint and sealer can instantly transform the space and make concrete damage much less likely. They might be renovating a space for their own use, improving the building for resale, or maximizing the value if they already need to make repairs.

Sealing an Outdoor Patio for Better Curb Appeal

Both restaurants and homeowners increasingly have outdoor living spaces and dining areas. Traditionally, these spaces are made of bare concrete. However, food and wine stains can be absorbed by untreated concrete. Also, chairs, tables, and gradual wear and tear can scratch the concrete and cause cracks. But sealed concrete is less likely to become damaged, and today’s cement sealer options can make the floor colorful, shiny, and a good fit for the space’s aesthetic.

Improving Interior Spaces With Stained Concrete

Stained concrete floors have become increasingly popular, and sealers don’t just seal outdoor concrete. Instead, contractors can create high-quality floors by staining and sealing concrete foundations to give retail, professional, and residential spaces a unique style that simultaneously protects the underlying surface.

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