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When a building’s surfaces become cracked or need repair, you need a high-quality epoxy to fix the issue and return the surface to its former glory. Not all epoxies are created equal, though, and it’s essential to pick the proper epoxy for the job, or you may end up leaving the surface unrepaired and vulnerable to more damage. 

At Adhesives Technology Corporation, our line of epoxies — such as our crack-resistant surface bonding cement and concrete crack repair epoxy — are designed to be durable, strong, and effective. As an industry leader in epoxies, adhesives, and sealants, we solely focus on manufacturing high-quality products with product lines devoted to specific applications. That means that everyone from contractors to homeowners can benefit from our products. 

What is Surface Repair Epoxy?

In common surface materials like concrete, a surface repair epoxy is designed to repair the damage, such as cracks and chips. The epoxy will fill in the gap, preventing further damage and keeping the surface structurally sound. Epoxies are commonly used on concrete foundations, restaurant tabletops, roads, and any other surface that you need to be sealed to be effective.  

What Types of Surface Repair Epoxy Are Available?

There are a variety of surface repair epoxies available on the market, each with its own specific application: 

  • Brick repair epoxy 
  • Concrete crack repair epoxy 
  • Stone repair epoxy 
  • Wood repair epoxy 

What Surface Repair Epoxies Does ATC Sell and What Are Their Benefits?

ATC carries several product lines dedicated to surface repair. 

Crackbond Epoxy Repair Paste

Our Crackbond Epoxy Repair Paste is a multi-purpose paste designed for structural repair. It’s ideal for injecting into cracks, serving as a bonding agent or filler, and working as a pick-proof sealant.  

We designed the two-component paste so it’s easy to use. A 1:1 ratio of the two components from the ideal mix, and the product has a shelf life of up to 24 months. 

Crackbond Jet Patch

Designed for airports, industrial floors, and roads, our Crackbond Jet Patch is easy to use, sets quickly, and is highly durable. It can also serve as a resurface concrete steps epoxy. 

To use our Jet Patch, mix it with potable water. It can then be applied almost anywhere that sees high use or extreme environments. It sets and cures rapidly, so there won’t be long delays in your workplace. It also strengthens surfaces and concretes quickly, even before it’s fully set. 

Crackbond CSR

A 2-component polyurethane hybrid formulation, our Crackbond CSR is the perfect surface repair epoxy when you need quick repair of cracks and spalls in concrete. When used in concrete epoxy repair situations, such as a driving surface, the road can typically re-open 60 minutes after application of the epoxy. In addition, to ensure no ugly spots once the epoxy is set and cured, it can be used with concrete powder pigments for later color matching. 

Miracle Bond Repair Epoxy

We call it Miracle Bond for a reason: this multi-purpose repair epoxy offers rapid curing and can serve as a bonding and repair adhesive. It can bond with almost any material, making it suitable for overhead or vertical repairs. It can also be used as a tile adhesive underwater or in temperatures from 40 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Where Can You Purchase ATC’s Surface Repair Epoxies?

At ATC, we design each epoxy for concrete repair and other surfaces. Our goal is to create high-quality products that are durable, strong, and built with multiple applications whenever possible. By being on the leading edge of epoxy manufacturing, we are helping our customers do their job safely and effectively.

To see where you can buy our line of surface repair epoxies, check out our website.

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