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When concrete slabs are placed next to each other to form a road, an industrial warehouse floor, or any other surface, they are linked together with a joint. However, over time, the use of heavy equipment (like automobiles or forklifts) will chip away at the joint. This can cause concrete joint failure and harm the structural integrity of the concrete. The concrete will soon fail with enough damage, creating the potential for property damage and extreme personal injury.

To repair the concrete joints, a sealant is needed. In applications such as roads, the sealant needs to be durable, set quickly, and highly effective. Otherwise, the road may be out of commission for an extended period due to the need for an extended drying process or additional repairs after the sealant fails.

At ATC, we manufacture a range of high-quality epoxies that can serve as the ultimate control joint filler. Each of our products is ideal for filling control joints, and they are designed to hold up in many environments.

What Joint Filler Products Does ATC Sell and What Are Their Benefits?

ATC currently manufactures three lines of concrete joint sealant.

Crackbond JF

We designed our standard model of polyurea joint filler to treat moving cracks with the proper strength, durability, and flexibility needed to hold up to the most demanding jobs. It allows 10-15% movement of the installed joint width and can be applied in temperatures from –40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

As our standard product line, our Crackbond JF comes with a variety of applications:

  • Fill construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Fill tooled interior/exterior control joints
  • USDA-inspected facilities
  • Exterior applications are okay as long as there is minimal joint movement due to thermal cycling.

Crackbond JF-82 Fast

If you need your polyurea control joint filler to be strong and set quickly, our Crackbond JF-82 Fast is the ideal choice for your needs. It’s a low viscosity epoxy that offers superior tensile strength. When applied to a concrete joint, the area can be re-opened to light vehicle traffic and regular foot traffic within 90 minutes at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to its ability to hold up even in frigid environments, this epoxy works great in freezer applications. To note, it is approved for use in USDA-inspected facilities.

Crackbond JF-90 HD

Our final joint crack filler product is ideal for heavy-duty use. The Crackbond JF-90 HD comprises two components that, when mixed in a simple 1:1 ratio, create an epoxy joint filler and crack filling material. It’s designed to dry semi-rigidly, making it popular in warehouse spaces or other places where hard-wheeled forklifts are regularly used.

Due to its heavy-duty nature (when dried, it achieves a Shore A Hardness of 90), we made sure to pack plenty of benefits into our Crackbond JF-90 HD line:

  • Able to cure on damp surfaces
  • Allows moderate joint movement
  • Easy to shave
  • Moisture insensitive
  • Paintable
  • Remains durable as it ages
  • Self-priming

What Are the Applications for ATC’s Lines of Expansion Joint Sealant?

While each product has a specific range of temperatures and environments in which they’ll work, our products are generally designed for use in multiple applications:

  • Freezers
  • Industrial warehouse floors
  • New construction
  • Repairs
  • Roads
  • USDA-inspected facilities

Additionally, each of our concrete joint sealant products offers an extended shelf life of up to 18 months.

Where Can You Purchase ATC’S Expansion Joint Material?

ATC sits at the edge of industrial adhesive, epoxy, and sealant manufacturing. We offer the best concrete expansion joint material products available, and we’re focused on continuing to improve our products. Hence, they continue to work safely and effectively for contractors, construction workers, and homeowners throughout the country.

To see where you can find our line of high-quality, effective adhesives, sealants, and epoxies, check out our website.

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