Epoxy Anchoring & Doweling Formula

Specially developed to meet the listing requirements of the California Department of Transportation.

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  • Caltrans D.O.T. approved
  • Anchoring threaded rod and rebar dowels into concrete and masonry
  • Available in two cartridge sizes and in bulk
  • Meets ICC-ES AC58 requirements for adhesive anchors in masonry elements
  • Standard working time, 15 minutes @ 75°F (24°C)
  • Approved by UL for drinking water contact (ANSI/NSF 61)
  • Low VOC, 1:1 mix ratio epoxy
  • Moisture insensitive allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • ASTM C881-14 Type I, II, Grade 3, Class C; with exceptions
  • 24 month shelf life
Size Part No.
21.2 oz. Crtg A22-CADOT
10 gal kit* B5G-CADOT-A
*Must order 1 each of component A and B

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Part No. Description
TM22HD 22 oz. Manual Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz. Cartridge)
TB22HD-A 22 oz Battery Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz cartridge)
TA22HD-A 22 oz. Pneumatic Dispensing Tool (21.2 oz. Cartridge)
T12 10″ Nozzle For 22 oz Cartridge
T3412CT 17″ Nozzle For 10 Gal Kit
B716 Wire Brush (7/16″ Dia Drill Bit)
B12 Wire Brush (1/2″ Dia Drill Bit)
B916 Wire Brush (9/16″ Dia Drill Bit)
B58 Wire Brush (5/8″ Dia Drill Bit)
B34 Wire Brush (3/4″ Dia Drill Bit)
B78 Wire Brush (7/8″ Dia Drill Bit)

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