Did you know that most states in the U.S. require architects to obtain continuing education credits onOnline Continuing Education for Specifiersan annual or biennial basis in order to keep their license? And if you’re a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) you’rerequired to take 12 learning unit hours of continuing education every year in approved Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) topics. The main purpose of these continuing education requirements is so that architects are always working on their improving theirprofessional skills, while making health, safety, and welfare a primary concern. We agree with this purpose and therefore are proud to be able to provide a continuing education course for those interested in “Concrete Restoration, Joint Treatment, and Crack Repair.”

Adhesive Technology Corp.’s “Concrete Restoration, Joint Treatment, and Crack Repair” course is a completely free online course available through AEC Daily (www.aecdaily.com), a leading source of free continuing education courses for professionals in the engineering, architect, or construction field. Adhesive Technology Corp.’s course on “Concrete Restoration, Joint Treatment, and Crack Repair” is just an hour long and provides AIA and state credit, as well as qualifies for HSW credit, too. It’s truly a beneficial course provided by one of the country’s leading manufacturers of construction and industry related adhesives.

Online Continuing Education for SpecifiersIn the “Concrete Restoration, Joint Treatment, and Crack Repair” course, professionals can expect to obtain an overview of the key factors in the proper specification and installation of concrete joints. The class will also provide a valuable discussion on the various methods and materials that are used to repair cracks and spalling. For those who want to further their education on related topics, there are also free courses available in the subject of “Concrete,” “Epoxy Grouting, “Joint Protection,” “Joint Fillers,” and “Joint Sealings.”

For a course to meet HSW standards, it must meet three criteria. The course must support the definition of “Health, Safety, and Welfare,” it must discuss one or more of any NCARB-approved topics, and 75 % of the course must be spent discussing any of the approved topics. Adhesive Technology Corp.’s course on “Concrete Restoration, Joint Treatment, and Crack Repair” meets all three of these requirements. For more information regarding course requirements and guidelines, you can refer to The American Institute of Architects | CES Programs: Provider Manual Policies & Resources. We think you’ll be pleased to find many of the answers to your questions there.

If you’re interested in taking a course from one of the most trusted and respected adhesive manufacturers in the industry, we urge you to do so now. Our course will offer you an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and learn about what products are proven to offer you some of the best results for specific problems.

We hope you find our course as interesting and beneficial to your profession as many others have. If you have any questions or would like to see any other courses from us, please contact us today.
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