Flexible Polyurea For Filling Control Joints, Saw Cuts and Active Cracks

Elastomeric, Polyurea joint filler allow 10-15% movement of installed joint width and can be used in temperatures between -40 °F to 120 °F (-40 °C to 49 °C). Available in cartridges and in bulk.

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  • Treats moving cracks
  • Used to fill tooled interior/exterior control joints or new construction saw joints on horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Protects joint edges from spalling due to wheeled traffic
  • For best performance, the maximum joint width is 3/4 in.(19 mm) and joint depth should be a minimum of 3 times the width for industrial floor applications receiving heavy duty vehicle traffic
  • Minimum depth can be reduced to 1/2 in. (13 mm), for foot traffic
  • May be used for exterior applications when minimal joint movement from thermal cycling will occur
  • Keeps joints free of debris and provides a continuous surface for weight loading
  • VOC compliant formulations
  • Shore A hardness supports traffic
  • Self-leveling, low viscosity system
  • 18 month shelf life
Part #’s Description
A9-JF 12PK 8.6 oz. cartridge (254 ml)
A22-JF 21.2 oz. cartridge (627 ml)
10 gallon kit (38 L)

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Part #’s Description
TM9HD 9 oz. manual dispensing tool
TM22HD 22 oz. manual dispensing tool
TA22HD-A 22 oz. pneumatic dispensing tool

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