Non-Explosive, Noise Free Concrete Cracking Agent for Interior & Exterior Applications

THE CRACKER® is a non-explosive cracking agent enabling standard demolition to be carried out with comparative accuracy. This system is virtually noiseless, vibration free and is ecologically friendly.

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  • Simple to use by mixing with a specific amount of water and poured into specifically spaced pre-drilled vertical holes
  • Use where inaccessible for typical demolition, where blasting is not permitted or where heavy equipment, noise or vibration is unacceptable
  • Supplied in powder form and sealed in vacuum packed heavy duty plastic bags
  • Easy and safe to use indoors as well as outdoors and in dry or humid environments
  • Each bag will mix with water to treat 7-10 lineal feet depending upon hole diameter
  • Crack development at 75 °F (24 °C) in 2-4 hours
  • 3 year shelf life
Part #’s Description
CRKR 11 lb (5 kg) bag

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