We are happy to announce that Maryland DOT (MDOT) has approved THREE of our ATC products for meeting their MDOT Specification 921.04 EPOXY ADHESIVES!

These products may be specified on MDOT jobs and must be approved on a project-by-project basis. We have now made it easier for the Engineer or Specifier since they can go directly to the MDOT website and view the following links that show these products are approved and already MEET MDOT SPECIFICATION.

ULTRABOND 365CC:  https://apps.roads.maryland.gov/VENDOR_MPEL/product/product_evaluation.asp?RID=2399

ULTRABOND1:  https://apps.roads.maryland.gov/VENDOR_MPEL/product/product_evaluation.asp?RID=2395

ASF 1000:  https://apps.roads.maryland.gov/VENDOR_MPEL/product/product_evaluation.asp?RID=2382