ATC and IOWADOT Approvals

We are happy to make the first DOT announcement for our latest amazing product, ASF-1000! This product received 4 DOT approvals before it was formally launched and now it has received number 5! IOWA DOT has approved our ASF-1000 under their specification:  IM 491.11 – POLYMER GROUTS & Adhesive Anchors – Appendix C. Learn more with ATC today!

They have already listed our ASF-1000 on their Material  Approved Products List Enterprise (MAPLE) and can be searched at the following link:

Here are the other 4 states where ASF-1000 has already been approved:

  • Illinois (IDOT) – Standard Specification for Road & Bridge construction, Chemical Adhesives – Section 1027
  • Indiana (DOT) – Standard Specification, Chemical Anchor Systems – Section 901.05
  • Colorado (CDOT) – Standard Specification, 712.10.02.00 Adhesive / Anchoring, Lateral / Epoxy
  • Virginia (VDOT) – Standard Specification, List 29