Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer

There are many situations where regular binding using sewing, welding, screwing or bolting solutions just will not work due to either the material or accessibility. Adhesives are unique in that they can bind together two different types of materials. Unlike other methods, adhesives can work with a greater surface area and that increases the tension and grip which provides a stronger bond than many traditional binding methods.

Adhesives are an inexpensive thin paste, glue, cement or mucilage that sets quickly and creates a strong bond. There are many situations where adhesives are the idea binding agent of choice. Many of our adhesives are two compound systems, meaning that the adhesive won’t set until you’re ready for it to. Our products extend beyond adhesives from concrete repair and restoration to cementitious products used in anchoring machinery or construction as well as repairing concrete and high traffic areas.

Your binding options are unlimited as we have products for any project and in sizes ranging from six ounce containers to hundreds of gallons. As a leading industrial adhesive manufacturing company, our products are used in many commercial systems due to their high quality and superior workmanship. When you need an adhesive, regardless of the size of the job, you need an adhesive from Adhesives Technology Corporation.

Industry leader in Commercial Adhesives

We’ve been in the epoxy and adhesive business for 45 years and our products have become the standard that other adhesives are measured against, and for good reason. With a track record as long as ours, our adhesives have proven themselves to be superior to anything else on the market. That’s why we supply many different private label commercial adhesive systems with our unsurpassed products. Everyone in the commercial adhesive business has come to rely on our expertise and decades of know-how and research. Our products have been used commercially in earthquake repairs, construction, and concrete repair projects including runways, roads, and bridges.

Offering more than an Adhesives Manufacturing

Our long history with epoxies and adhesives extends beyond the products we manufacture and sell. A company isn’t composed of only the products it sells; it’s also made of the trust it has built with its customers. Our industry leading customer service values the customer for the long term rather than risk everything for short term profits. Meeting your needs is our number one goal and we are able to put our years of experience and our technical expertise into any project that you may have. You will find that we are quite adequately prepared and able to handle any job where you will need world class adhesives. Our products are market proven and our customer staff is very well informed about all of our products and can speak to you in detail about any product you may need. Whether you need concrete repairs or an adhesive strong enough for your construction work, we at Adhesives Technology Corporation are here to provide you with everything you need.