Concrete surfaces aren’t reserved for roadways and big urban areas. Instead, concrete flooring and installations have become popular for office buildings, homes, restaurants, and many commercial and industrial buildings. Concrete decorative floors offer today’s property owners a wide range of design and style options with reasonable concrete overlay costs, and the right concrete overlay flooring chemicals can bring the whole look together. We create long-lasting, durable concrete adhesives and overlays at Adhesives Technology Corp. Take a closer look at the role of epoxy sealers and overlays in creating your ideal concrete decorative floors. 

What Are Epoxy Sealers and Overlays?

Bare concrete is porous and vulnerable to damage, no matter how hard and unbreakable it may look. Water, oils, and other chemicals can seep into the surface, creating permanent stains. Liquids can also break down the surface layers, making them more vulnerable to cracking and crumbling as people or machinery cross the surface.

However, epoxy sealers add a layer of protection to the concrete. Professionals and contractors can apply a layer of liquid epoxy sealer across a concrete surface. Once it cures, the material creates a hard protective film that resists scratches, physical damage, and water resistance. Most standard epoxy selaers are transparent, but they can give the floors a smooth, slightly reflective quality.

What is a concrete overlay? Concrete overlays are a bit more advanced. They can contain the same benefits as epoxy or urethane, protecting the floors from impact damage, wear and tear, and other forms of damage. But they also provide coloring and finish for concrete decorative floors. Users can give their concrete overlay a specific color or tone, make it opaque to give the concrete a stamped tile appearance, or even include solid flakes that completely hide the underlying concrete from sight. Concrete overlays include a thin layer of new concrete cement with the colors and finishing elements, and the concrete overlay can be very thin or up to 3/4″ thick.

Advantages of Epoxy Sealers and Overlays

High-quality concrete overlay can completely transform existing concrete surfaces such as home foundations, garages, and concrete floors in commercial buildings to create unique concrete decorative floors. Some of the advantages of using these products include:

  • Addressing cracks and surface level damage: Concrete overlay can fill in small cracks and gaps in older concrete surfaces. With proper preparation, such as grinding away the damaged top layer of the concrete with the most stains and wear, concrete overlay flooring solutions can improve the condition of the flooring, remove cracks, and mitigate future damage.
  • Protect the surface: Epoxy sealers and concrete overlay are especially useful wherever the floor is likely to encounter sources of damage. For example, home garages encounter pressure from heavy cars, exposure to chemicals like car oil, and impact damage from dropped boxes or weight. Concrete overlay flooring can repel the damage and lock the concrete surface to prevent cracks.
  • Superior appearance: Colored concrete overlay offers an endless array of possibilities. You can have solid colors, subtle tones, intricate patterns, or metallic finish. Concrete decorative floors, with today’s advanced options, are popular for homes, professional offices, commercial and industrial garages, recording stations, and event venues.
  • Concrete overlay costs are comparable to carpeting or tile, making it a versatile and cost-effective option for any renovation.

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Installing concrete overlay can protect your existing concrete surfaces and improve the curb appeal of your property. At Adhesives Technology Corp, we produce a wide range of concrete overlay options, epoxy sealants, and concrete adhesives to transform your building’s concrete surfaces. Reach out today to learn more about our products and concrete overlay costs, and get friendly assistance finding the right options for your next project.

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