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You can choose our CRACKBOND® Epoxy Repair Paste Rapid Cure Crack/Spall Repair if you are looking for a bonding agent, filler, capping material for crack injection, or as a pick-proof sealant. CRACKBOND® JET PATCH High Early Strength Modified Concrete for rapid setting, high strength, and durable concrete repairs. Or our CRACKBOND® CSR Rapid Cure Crack/Spall Repair for quick repairs of cracks and spalls in concrete.

This article will help you learn why you need to resurface concrete and why you should opt for resurfacing instead of replacing concrete.

Why Should You Resurface Your Concrete?

Concrete resurfacing is a method of rejuvenating concrete surfaces. Resurfacing uses a thin layer of pre-blended polymer-modified cement on top of an existing concrete surface. It is an alternative to replacing concrete. But why should you resurface concrete?

Several reasons may call for concrete resurfacing. You may want to resurface the concrete to achieve the following:

Repair Dilapidated Concrete

Concrete surfaces suffer the impact of the elements and other external forces and depreciate over time. Repairs and facelifts are required to restore the concrete to its original appeal. The repairs can involve a complete overhaul or resurfacing of the damaged sections. Resurfacing is less costly and almost as effective as replacement for some projects.

Modernize or Enhance Aesthetic Value

Exterior concrete resurfacing options allow contractors and project managers to improve or modernize existing concrete. If you feel your concrete looks outdated, shop for the best concrete resurfacing to give it a modern finish.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Some concrete surfaces are expensive and tedious to maintain. You can resurface the floor or driveway with a concrete top coat that is easy to clean and less expensive to maintain.

Resurfacing Over Replacement

Resurfacing has several benefits that make it better than completely replacing run-down concrete. Besides cost-effectiveness, the best concrete resurfaced driveways or floors can last years. However, the durability of resurfaced concrete depends on several factors, including the resurfacing products used and surface preparation.

Whether you are doing a concrete driveway resurfacing or other concrete facelifts, resurfacing has the following advantages:

  • It is less expensive than replacement. Resurfacing reduces the labor and time required to remove existing concrete and replace it. The time and resources saved during replacement significantly reduce the cost of concrete renovations.
  • You do not need jackhammers to remove existing concrete or haulers to dispose of the old concrete.
  • The resurfaced driveway or floor is open for use within a day or two, which reduces downtime.
  • You do not require special skills to resurface your driveway or concrete floor. The instructions on the package are enough to get the job done.
  • Resurfacing also eliminates the need for concrete mixers and their operators.
  • The resurfacer protects the existing concrete, reducing repair and maintenance costs.
  • You can use a colored concrete top coat to enhance the aesthetic value of your home or retain the original color.

Try Crackbond today!

Now that you understand why you need to resurface concrete, the next step is to explore available resurfacing options to get the best. But what is the best concrete resurfacer? The best concrete resurfacer should match project needs.

If you are looking for concrete resurfacing products that can withstand the elements and other impacts while lifting the aesthetic ambiance of your property, try Crackbond today. Adhesives Technology Corporation understands you need heavy concrete surface repair products that uplift the appearance of your residential or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more.

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