Expansion and control joints are common in concrete structures to allow thermal and moisture movement. However, expansion joints in concrete or control joints should not be left open since they expose the structure to element damage. Crackbond joint treatment products seal concrete expansion joints to prevent damage from the elements and unwanted plants while allowing thermal and moisture movements.

Our concrete joint filler products include CRACKBOND® JF, CRACKBOND® JF-82 FAST, and CRACKBOND® JF-90 HD. Each product is designed to meet specific project goals. Contact us or visit our joint treatment page to learn more about expansion joints in concrete slabs and sample Crackbond joint treatment products.

What are Joint Treatment Products?

A joint treatment product is an epoxy and polyurea flexible filler that covers an expansion or control joint. Expansion and control joints are deliberate gaps or open spaces on concrete floors, walls, or slabs. Control and expansion joints are also common on sidewalks, pool decks, concrete driveways, roads, and bridges.

The expansion and control joints allow the concrete piece to expand or contract in response to moisture and temperature changes. Without the gaps, excess stress caused by the expansion and contraction of the concrete pieces would create cracks that weaken the structure.

However, leaving the gaps open would expose the concrete structure to the elements and unwanted plants that weaken it. Expansion joint concrete or separation joints should be filled with our joint treatment products to prevent damage caused by weather changes and unwanted plants.

Want to know the best thing about our joint treatment products? You can get a product that meets your specific needs! Take a look:


CRACKBOND® JF is a flexible polyurea joint filler that allows 10-15% movement of installed joint width. It works well in control joints, active cracks, and saw cuts. The polyurea filler can work in temperatures between -40 °F to 120 °F (-40 °C to 49 °C). You can order this joint filler in cartridges or bulk.


Our CRACKBOND®JF-82 is designed for contractors and project managers looking for heavy-duty rapid-curing polyurea joint filler. This low-viscosity self-leveling also allows 10-15% movement of installed joint width. You can get it in bulk or cartridges.


The CRACKBOND® JF-90 HD is an epoxy concrete joint filler suitable for industrial floors and surfaces frequently exposed to hard-wheeled forklift traffic. It shaves easily and works in temperatures between 60 °F and 120 °F (16 °C and 49 °C).

What does Joint Treatment Do?

Joint treatment is applied in expansion joint concrete to protect the structure from elements and unwanted plants. When left unsealed, expansion joints in concrete fill with water that expands during winter or debris that hinders thermal and moisture movement. Plants may also sprout in spaces between the expansion gaps. The joint treatment seals the gaps without compromising movement.

Advantages of Filling Expansion Joints in Concrete

Joint treatment has several advantages:

  • It controls sinking, settling, or heaving. A concrete joint filler protects the structure from rainwater that can erode the soil underneath, causing sinking, settling, or heaving.
  • It keeps off unwanted plants and weeds, whose roots can weaken the concrete structure
  • Its moisture resistance ability ensures water is not trapped between the joints. Trapped water can expand in winter and cause structural stress that may lead to cracks.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Joint Treatment Products

Adhesives Technology Corporation understands the importance of filling control or expansion joints in concrete. We appreciate that you need a moisture-resistant concrete joint filler that keeps off debris and unwanted plants from blocking the expansion joints. That is why we offer a variety of Crackbond joint treatment products to meet the unique needs of your project. Contact us today to learn more.

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