The CRACKER® is a non-explosive demolition grout that works perfectly in various construction industry sectors. It replaces the conventional demolition methods that are no longer feasible due to their environmental impact and safety concerns. The expandable grout allows contractors and project managers to demolish, level roads, dig tunnels and waterways, and extract minerals efficiently and cost-effectively.

Other than their safety and cost-effectiveness, rock-breaking chemicals are also preferred by many due to project predictability and controlled demolitions. In addition, you do not need licenses, permits, or special training to use the CRACKER®. Here, we will help you understand the applications and advantages of expandable grout to help you choose a safe and cost-effective demolition agent.

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What Does the Cracker Agent Do?

A concrete demolition agent, also known as demolition grout or expandable grout, is a chemical alternative to conventional explosives used in mining, quarrying, or demolitions. Demolition agents or rock-breaking chemicals come in powder forms, which are mixed with water before being added into drilled holes. Once transferred into a pre-drilled hole, the demolition grout expands to produce a force of 18,000 psi. The 18,000 psi force is enough to break rocks, cured concrete, or reinforced concrete.

The CRACKER® is a non-explosive demolition agent manufactured by Adhesives Technology Corporation. This ecologically friendly demolition grout works in numerous fields in the construction industry. CRACKER® works in the following sectors:

  • Rock demolition chemicals are used in rock mining and quarrying, especially in areas where chemical explosives are prohibited or unsafe to use.
  • Expanding grout is also used in marble and granite mining.
  • Demolition chemicals also enhance accuracy when demolishing specific sections of a foundation or concrete structure.
  • It can also work well when demolishing partition walls and other concrete structures.
  • Demolition chemicals are also gaining popularity in digging canals or shafts in rock for water supply networks.
  • They also work well when leveling road cuts and other infrastructure.
  • You can also use expandable grout to destroy building remains after conventional demolition.

Simply put, a concrete-breaking chemical can help you demolish any part of your construction project. It also works efficiently in the mining and water supply sectors. Recent studies have also shown the possibility of underwater uses.

Why Use the Cracker Agent?

Several reasons make our Cracker Agent a demolition chemical of choice for many contractors and project managers. The following reasons make the Cracker agent a preferred demolition grout:

  • The Cracker is easy to use. You mix the powder with water as guided by the direction of use instructions and pour the solution into pre-drilled vertical holes.
  • Use the Cracker where blasting is prohibited, demolition is happening in residential areas, or when explosive chemicals are unsafe to use
  • Use the Cracker as your preferred expandable grout when controlled demolition is desired.
  • No permits or training is required to use the Cracker.
  • Demolition agents are efficient and cost-effective to use
  • The Cracker is supplied in powder form and sealed in vacuum heavy-duty plastic bags.
  • Easy and safe to use indoors as well as outdoors and in dry or humid environments

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Do you have an upcoming demolition project in a controlled environment where explosives are not an option? Do you want a safe and environmentally friendly method of indoor demolition, road cut leveling, or rock demolition work for site preparation? Use the CRACKER® concrete demolition agent by Adhesives Technology Corporation for efficient and cost-effective demolitions.  

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