What is a Concrete Bonding Agent?

A concrete bonding agent is a natural, compound, or synthetic high-strength epoxy adhesive used to bond fresh to hardened concrete, steel, and concrete or two cured concrete layers. Concrete bonding agents, such as our CRACKBOND® 2100 MV (Medium Viscosity) and 2100 MV-LPL (Long Pot Life), are also perfect for various concrete repair projects.

While they may come in varied colors, epoxy adhesives are grey or milky white.

The bonding agents are applied on a cleaned surface by brush, trowels, or rollers. While our high-strength epoxy adhesives work perfectly on dry or dump surfaces, clearing standing water enhances their performance.

Surface preparation should, therefore, include cleaning and draining standing water. More instructions on product use and surface preparation are available on the package.

What is a Concrete Bonding Agent Used for?

Concrete bonding agents have various applications in the construction industry. However, the primary use of concrete adhesives is to provide a bonding agent between two surfaces. Cement in a concrete mix may not provide a strong bond between two surfaces.

A bonding agent is required to make two concrete surfaces behave as one.

When you apply a bonding agent between an existing and a new concrete layer, the two layers perfectly adhere to each other as if they were a single unit. The bonding agent increases the strength and performance of the structure under construction or repair. Our high-strength epoxy adhesives have the following specific uses:

  • Bonding two cured concrete layers
  • Bonding fresh concrete to cured concrete and steel
  • Coating and sealing interior or exterior slabs
  • Providing durable, chemical-resistant industrial coating
  • Used in mortar repair for concrete and spalls when mixed with dried silica sand or aggregate
  • Used as a gravity feed medium when sealing large horizontal cracks

You can use our concrete adhesives for almost every professional project that requires joining two concrete surfaces or bonding steel and concrete.

Crackbond 2100 MV Concrete Bonding Agents

A bonding agent is essential when you want two layers of concrete to behave as one or when joining concrete and steel. However, choosing the right bonding agent is more important to enhance the structural strength of the concrete structure. The following advantages and features of our Crackbond 2100 MV Concrete Bonding Agent make it ideal for your next project:

  • Crackbond 2100 MV is not affected by moisture, allowing installation and curing in damp environments
  • It has a high modulus, self-leveling, medium viscosity
  • It is acceptable for use in USDA-inspected facilities 2100 MV:
  • Its manufacture complies with NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Drinking Water System Components
  • It is available in cartridges and bulk, while red basecoat is available in 4-gallon kits only

Commercial Adhesives for Your Project

Do you have an upcoming professional project that requires joining fresh concrete to hardened concrete or concrete to steel? Does your next repair project require a concrete bonding agent?

Contact us at Adhesives Technology or visit our Crackbond Bonding & Coating Epoxy Adhesives page to order a bonding agent.

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