Common Uses of Industrial Epoxy

One of the most popular reasons to purchase industrial epoxy wholesale is for use as an adhesive. Epoxy is created when a resin and a hardener are combined. The combination of these ingredients creates a curing process. Different measurements create different strengths which can be used for different purposes. Here are a few of the most popular uses of wholesale epoxy.

ATC Industrial Epoxy WholesaleAnchoring and Dowling

Epoxy can be used as an anchor in many situations. It includes the anchoring of railing, rebar and even bolts into concrete. This type of product is extremely strong, which ensures a long-lasting hold. This type of epoxy can be used to anchor dowels as well.

Bonding and Coating

There are many different strengths of epoxy. Many commercial and industrial companies purchase from wholesale epoxy distributors is for use in bonding and coating. Your commercial epoxy manufacturer creates different products. They can be used to coat and attach airplane and machine parts. You can also utilize them for coating and sealant in homes for arts and craft projects.

Concrete Repair

When you purchase your product from a commercial epoxy supplier, your product can also be used for concrete repair. You will most likely use an epoxy if the crack in your cement needs to be repaired. The main reason is that it is causing structural issues. Because epoxy is so strong it’s your best choice for fixing major cracks and damages. You can purchase epoxy with different viscosity (thickness) to meet your individual circumstances.

If there is leaking with little structural you may want to consider using a Polyurethane to seal the leak. Epoxies are stronger but they take longer to harden which could allow further damage to occur.