The COLORFAST Concrete Stain and Finish System Makes Other Treatments Obsolete.

COLORFAST™ Stain plus COLORFAST™ Finish delivers a one-two punch in colored concrete surfaces. It’s simply the most innovative, user-friendly technology in the business. The appearance of COLORFAST surfaces is a stunning knockout, but there is much more to the growth of its US market following.

Easiest to Apply.
Saves Time and Money.

Traditional methods of coloring concrete surfaces using acid stains and dyes are VERY labor intensive. Stain or dye is applied after grinding to 200-400 grit, but much more polishing, often to 800 or 1,500 grit or higher is needed to prepare the surface before finish coats are applied. The COLORFAST System yields eye-popping beauty with a fraction of the effort! Apply two coats of Stain at 200 – 400 grit; follow immediately with two coats of finish. No further grinding required. Just burnish and buff with a hogs hair pad.

Superior durability without sacrificing beauty or sheen
Even highly trafficked surfaces will have superior durability without sacrificing beauty or sheen.
Polishing is a breeze
Polishing is a breeze with the COLORFAST System. There's no need to go higher than 400 grit to prepare a beautifully finished surface.

Easiest to Maintain. Saves Even MORE Time and Money.

COLORFAST surfaces require a lot less work! No waxes or polishes needed. And refinishing means just that: clean with a standard surface cleaner, spray on a new coat of finish and spread with a microfiber mop, then buff with a high speed buffer and you’re done.

Compare that to traditional finished surfaces that may need to be treated frequently and reground / refinished at each maintenance interval to restore their original sheen.

COLORFAST Stain is available in 14 standard colors.
COLORFAST Stain colors.

Stunning Color.
Durable Surfaces.
A Winning Combination.

COLORFAST Stain’s patented Nano-Lithium® chemistry provides breathtakingly beautiful colored surfaces while densifying the concrete. That makes it stronger and more resistant to mechanical abuse as well as attack by aggressive chemicals.

In fact it out-performs epoxies, urethanes and acrylics in abrasion resistance, durability and adhesion to concrete!

And while moisture under the slab can cause dyes to bleed and discolor, COLORFAST Stain protects against water intrusion! It's also UV resistant.

COLORFAST Stain provides UV resistance making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

COLORFAST Finish: Engineered for long-lasting protection

Thanks to our patented Silicone Reactive Lithium chemistry, COLORFAST Finish dries in minutes to a protective micro-coating that bonds with the underlying surface. It is breathable, will not flake or peel, and resists stain and abrasion.

Water-based COLORFAST Finish is a low-odor, non-toxic, VOC compliant product!

COLORFAST Stain and Finish
Both products are available in convenient 5 gallon buckets as well as 1 gallon containers.

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COLORFAST Stain and COLORFAST Finish. An unbeatable system for interior and exterior colored concrete applications!

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