Behind Our New Strion Technology

Strategic Thinking And Smart Chemistry

The bigger the job, the more it matters that there are no slip-ups because there is a greater cost of mistakes. It’s true every step along the way in construction, and it certainly applies to the concrete process. Yet for decades, concrete densifiers and hardeners required a laborious, tricky application process in which workers had to be carefully trained for—and even then, misapplication was always a possibility. Which could lead to a long, costly cascading chain of delays on top of re-application.

At Convergent, we’ve always used our in-depth knowledge of the concrete world to come up with innovations that would reduce the headaches (and expenses) of all involved. It’s how we tackled the problem of concrete densifier application head-on and ended up releasing a product our founder, Dal Hills, calls “the single biggest advancement in more than 40 years in this industry.”

Introducing STRiON: Hard concrete without the hard application process.

The new technology, dubbed STRiON, is a revolutionary new method of concrete densification and hardening using groundbreaking new silica-free technology. Instead of silica, STRiON utilizes an ionic transfer process to disperse deep into concrete to make it more resilient, resistant to traffic, dustproof, easy to clean, and prepped for polishing.

Ease of use is at the forefront. But the benefit is what all that ease adds up to: major efficiencies. Application is clean and simple the first time, with no need to fix errors or remove excess material from over-application. No rinsing is required. Training is minimal. And with little risk of error, projects stay on time and on budget. In spite of its simplicity, results are premium-grade.

Now available in STRiON:Fortify, the most user-friendly densifier on the market.

“STRiON:Fortify transforms our understanding of the densifier market, evolving away from the silica-dependent reactions of the past. This is like introducing a brand new mode of transportation rather than putting new wheels on the same vehicle,” says Kason Hills of Convergent. “Nothing’s ever come close to the performance and ease of use we’re seeing with this technology and STRiON:Fortify.”

With the technology well poised to continue shaking up (and simplifying) concrete treatment, the Convergent team is happy to report positive results from the field. And they can’t wait for the next chapter of the STRiON story, in which the technology’s next application will be released.


For more information about STRiON and for ordering, email us at or call us at 1-801-375-2280 or Toll Free 1-866-375-2280 to speak with a product specialist.